Anthelia IPL laser - any good?

Hi there,
A local beauty salon in my area says they have just received their new Anthelia IPL machine at a cost of $200,000.

I am pale skinned with dark hair. Is this a good IPL machine to use? Just wondering what the opinion is of this machine on this forum?
Hope you can help!

Here are a few statements from the Anthelia IPL sites:

“The temperature reached at the base of the hair is such that a coagulation of the papilla and sheath will occur, resulting in the final death of the hairs in the anagen phase (eliminated at 100%).”

“It should be noted that the use of lamps flash of bad quality can have an opposite effect that [sic] required. Indeed certain machines can cause paradoxical hair stimulation, i.e. to transform the sleeping follicles into hairs!”

“Dermscan Laboratory, approved by the French Ministry for Health, thus realized a clinical study concerning the treatment of long-lasting depilation on a targeted population, and this for 6 months the study was realized in accordance with the Statement of Helsinki (1964) and its successive modifications.”

“The FDA defines Permanent Hair Reduction as the long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime.”

“The number of hairs re-growing must be stable over a time greater than the duration of the complete growth cycle of hair follicles, which varies from 4-12 months according to body location. Permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treatment area.”

The REALLY nice thing about hair removal, unlike, say, wrinkle improvement, is that it’s NOT a matter of opinion: you can COUNT the hairs remaining. You either get permanent results, or you do not … you can objectively see results.

People want FAST results and continually get suckered into the quick fix that can oftentimes end up being a waste of time and money: lots of time and lots of (wasted) money.

BEFORE you get your new “wing-wang” IPL treatment, take BEFORE treatment photos and get the clinic to write something down about the results they are promising you. Find out what happens if (when) it does not meet your expectations … that is if they are still in business 5-years out.

Good luck and (maybe) see you in a few years? Maybe start reading the words of “David Hannum” talking about P. T. Barnum?

… and, they just keep coming!

Thanks for the insulting reply. I was just looking for some feedback from a forum that is supposed to specialise in this area.
I didn’t say I thought it was a cure all. Just looking for some information from someone who may have already used this particular machine?
Anybody out there who might actually have some real world experience with this machine?

Hi Teddyg,
I didn’t get why you say the previous reply is “insulting”.
Indeed this forum is specialized in permanent hair removal. This is the best area to discuss about it.

About IPL treatment, you have to know there are no guarantee of results, as explained Michael Bono : reading the statements of this IPL site, you can see that the results are pretty uncertain…

Thus when you ask if this is a good machine to use… It depends of what results you expect. If you are expecting permanent hair removal, so the answer is clearly no.
I hope it helps you.

In general, IPLs are less effective than actual lasers. If you are pale skinned with dark hair, I would suggest seeking out a Candela Gentlelase laser

Hi Adrien,

I’ve found that writing on the internet is no easy matter when you are trying to be helpful or make a point. People sometimes seem to take general statements as applying to them personally. I almost never write directly to an individual person (and I’m doing it much less because it’s risky).

I am, however, always interested in the bigger issues that affect a lot of people, and those are the issues I write to. Still, there is misinterpretation and sometimes hostility expressed.

Indeed, I was sad to read what the OP said because I said nothing about the OP at all … I was talking about “things in general” and thought I was being helpful. (Still, I can read my post differently and see why the OP got upset.)

Maybe a lot has to do with the English word “YOU?” Sometimes we say “you” and we really mean “all the people.” Maybe that’s why the Southerners say “You-all?” Not a bad idea either.

Just keep reading Hairtell Y’all!

I’m just now reviewing all the Hinkel tapes and listening to his brilliant lectures (all going on Youtube - free!).

One lecture talked about “Depilatron” (the first electronic tweezer device). He noted that now (at the time) at least 30 manufacturers were making “electronic tweezers” worldwide, because they clearly saw the economics involved. They made TONS of money and never removed ONE hair permanently!

This proliferation is what we have with “light” devices and so it’s difficult for anybody to offer-up substantive opinions on ALL OF THEM! Seems new light/IPL/laser devices pop-up weekly and are manufactured all over the world from Israel to China! The results are wildly different and fiercely defended and debated. (I find it boring.)

For those unfamiliar with electronic tweezers? Well, it took 35-years for the public to realize the devices don’t work. Today the “ET’s” are all but a vague memory for those of us who were on the front-lines. So soon we forget!

Unfortunately this is a part of the “making money business”. They sell dreams. (I don’t know if it makes sense in English). This is the same problem for the anti-wrinkles cream. This is a very big business but we all know here that you can not get a lifting with a simple (and very expensive too) moisturizer cream…

The depilatory light machine are “Ã la mode” even if the results are not those claimed…