Another question for James Walker

I have had about 5 or 6 full upper body treatments with a Candela Gentlelase laser. I am nearing the point where i’m about to accept the reduction in hair growth as the best it’s going to get. It has definately reduced hair growth, but not stopped it as is well known. The one spot that really bugs me with hair growth is the back of my neck and shoulders.

Would you recommend me switching over to electrolysis for these body parts in attempt to completely remove all hair. I don’t think the laser will ever permanently remove all the hair, regardless of how many treatments I get.

Can you give a ballpark figure on how many hours it would take to clear the back of a neck? I know it depends on many things, but if you have an approximate timeframe from your experience that would be very helpful.

Again, ballpark figure, on average how many hairs can you treat per hour?

Thank you very much.

If you have read this forum then you know that it does you no good for me to ball park you any figure based on my work, when I won’t be working on you.

The only way this can be done is to get a count of how many hairs you have in, say a square centimeter (because that is small enough to count) and then measure the area of the treatment zone. Then you must get a count of how many hairs YOUR electrologist can remove IN THAT AREA ON YOU and divide the total number of hairs, by the number of hairs that can be removed per hour, and multiply that number by 3 for good measure, and that is a good ballpark of what your total finishing time could be, spread out over 9 months in a perfect world.

There is a Hairtell member here who had me remove the hair on the back of the neck, and can attest that we always cleared out the full area each and every time. I can’t say for sure that your practitioner will be as successful with your treatment. I also can’t say that someone else in town won’t be faster at the same job. That is why you have to look far and wide for the best treatment for what you are looking for.

Thanks for the reply Mr. Walker. Let’s for a moment say that I was able to travel to your facility for treatments. (Might be a possibility.) This would then pose some of the same questions as before.

  1. Ballpark time frame for clearing the back of neck?

  2. What’s the longest amount of time you would treat somebody during one sitting? For example can you treat somebody for 10 hours straight and hopefully clear an entire area? This would be an issue if I was to travel to your facility since I wouldn’t be able to be there very often.

  3. How are hair growth stages critical to electrolysis the way they are with laser treatments. For example if it is not timed right can an entire treatment produce minimal results?

  4. Do you recommend traveling for electrolysis or is it really critical finding somebody locally in order to get treated more often? Do you happen to have any recommendations for electrolysis treatements in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for the information.