Another "Patchy" Beard Question with pics!


I have reviewed several of the threads on this topic and now its my turn to post. As many said, it is unfortunate I did not find this site prior to my treatment’s start but glad I am here now.

I am 27, caucasian but of italian descent so fairly dark. I had horrendous time shaving so I finally decided to move forward with laser. I am currently undergoing treatment with a very reputable facility that is under the care of a doctor and is one of the top facilities in Atlanta. I have had 3 full treatments with I believe a GentleLASE along with “touch-ups” in between sessions. My operator has done a proper job of spacing the treatments 4-6 weeks apart with touchups typically 3 weeks in. The beard was doing well but far from gone until full session 3 when all of the sudden, patches took over my chin. As I am sure it is a big deal for everyone, this is driving me insane as I have a profession where appearences are a large concern and this has driven me to use concealer to try and cover up the darkness. 2 pics are attached.

Last week, I brought this to the operator’s attention (last Monday) and she hit the 2 main trouble spots on the sides of my chin again. Its a bit better but obviously, still very noticeable. My next slated appointment is about 3 weeks from now or 4 weeks from touchup and apprx 6 or 7 weeks from last full treatment. What is the reccomended move from here? My thoughts are to basically just have her hit the trouble areas and my neck until it evens out and to ignore the rest of the face as I feel that would only add to my problems. Any advice or suggestions would be excellent!

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This will resolve quite quickly. What theyneed to do is hit those areas with a YAG laser. Gentleyag or Elite would be just fine. 15 mm spot size, low pulse and high energy would do the trick.

The patchy areas in your pictures are exactly the same ones where I experienced stubborn hairs that my laser treatment didn’t deal with very well. I only had alexandrite, no yag, so it will be interesting to see if the yag makes a difference as suggested by Romeo. Please keep us updated as things progress. If you are looking for a totally hair free face then start looking for a good electrologist as you will probably need one sooner or later to finish up…

Chin and upper lip is very difficult to treat. I’ve done probably 12 sessions in total on my full face. I’d say 6 were with YAG and 6 with Alexandrite. Sounds like a lot but the first several had to be done every 4 weeks or so (so basically 1 session wait 4 weeks do it again to get the rest then be hair free for a couple months etc).

The YAG worked great for the hair on chin and upper lip in terms of making it shed as well as the full face. After around 9 sessions though there was hardly any hair on my cheeks neck etc but chin and upper lip have hardly changed. I switched back to alex which does make those areas shed but still not seeing great results there. Luckily it’s just those areas so doesn’t look bad at all but they’re really tough to treat.

I am also getting my chin done and after five sessions it looks very presentable. Just a few hair left after the last session. After the first three sessions, there were tiny patches on my chin here and there. Things changed for me when I asked that the settings on the YAG be increased. After that, the hair just started falling out. If you were treated just last week, give it a couple of weeks first. Also when you go in for a full treatment do the entire face. If the problem areas are affected this time, all or most of the hair on your face should be gone.

We deal with this all the time. A YAG and ALEX combo usually clears
all these issues. We have had and still have many from this Forum who have had facial issues like the ones in the picture and they have all cleared up.

Thank you for all of the replies. I will not be able to get back to the clinic until 4 weeks after my last touchup so hopefully all will be OK. For those of you having the same problem, the concealer really does make me breathe easier. Its odd putting on makeup for a bloke like me but, I dont have to worry about people wondering what the hell is wrong with my chin!

Let us know how you go with the yag!

I had similar results to you with the gentlelase, but after leaving the other hairs to grow out after the initial shed everything blended in much better.

Does the laser treatment hurt to you, like really painful, much more than a light pinch?

Atljd please keep updating us here with photos on your progress until you’re done with all your treatments. It helps others to make a decision on whether to consider laser as an option for beards. There were some guys posting here about their patchy issues but never come back to report whether everything has worked out for them in the end. Thanks

Laser on the face is not a light pinch at all. Even with numbing cream it’s brutally painful since there is so much hair and it is so coarse.


After your first treatment to remove the hair from the face, how long did the reddening and swollenness last? Im considering doing the same procedure that you had done. However, i am worried about how long the side effects will last ( swollen face, treated hairs looking burnt, pimple formation


Redness and swelling usually last for 2 days on a male face as the hair is very coarse and dense.

Treated hairs looking burnt- They might be visible for 5-10 days. To avoid, shave as closely as possible before the session.

Pimple formation? You mean folliculitis? Many people get folliculitis after laser hair removal on face. It can take good 10 days to subside.

Oh hell yes. Of all the areas I’ve ever had lasered, the face area is the most painful. Actually I’ve only had my beard-line done at my neck, so I am speaking from that experience, not from the face itself. Bikini area, not as painful, indeed, bikini area didn’t hurt at all.

I think it is because the hairs of a beard go down so deep.

Here’s my neck 10 minutes after a laser treatment today:

Redness fades after a day or two.

what was the outcome dor this? did the patchinesd clear up. my brother is considering having hes beard removed. An answer It would be much appreciated