Another Jergens Naturally Smooth Question

Hello all,

I have been using the Jergens Naturally Smooth lotion on my legs for about five weeks now and haven’t really noticed any results. I apply the lotion to my legs daily, but I do not shave my legs quite that often and I’m wondering if that is why I haven’t noticed any results. I only shave about once every 3-5 days (shaving more often results in a lot of irritation, cuts, red spots and pain).

Do I need to shave more often to see results?

The frequency of shaving does not affect how Jergen’s works. But, if Jergen’s has not produced positive results, you might consider dropping it from your routine.

Ironically (ironically because I was ultra - skeptical and started to use it ONLY because it was offered to me and that I had not had to buy it myself…), the Jergens lotion HAS BEEN working for me. !!!
What a nice surprise!
I don’t even use it every day, as I don’t shave my legs. I use a rotatory epilator, and use it only after having epilated, but so far… to my own surprise I have noticed a slower rate of regroth of the hair, or at least, lots of the hairs come back definitely less evident and finer. Gee, that was a nice surprise!


What brand of Rotary Epilator do you use?

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I use Epilady Discrette Plus.