another homemade tendskin recipe

ive seen a couple threads already about homemade tendskin and this is pretty similar, it jus has witch hazel included. i found this at another forum and it might even already be posted on here-im not sure, sry if it is.

  1. Crush 18 tablets of uncoated aspirin
  2. Dissolve these in 5.5 oz of 70% rubbing alcohol
  3. Crush 8 tablets of uncoated aspirin
  4. Dissolve these in 2.5 oz of witch hazel
  5. Combine the rubbing alcohol and witch hazel solutions. Some settling of aspirin may occur, just shake it well before you use it. APPLY once a day after waxing to prevent and treat ingrown hairs

Thanks for posting. Actually, one is best off filtering out the stuff that settles to the bottom. Either strain it out, or more easily done, pour off the clear solution so that the stuff settled on the bottom doesn’t end up in the new container. The stuff that settles is just filler used to make the tablet, and is not active ingredient.

Atree, this is veeeery helpfull. Thanks a lot!

I just have a “stupid doubt” … hehehe … what’s witch hazel and where can i buy it? I’m still learning english <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> …

Anyway, I saw this other recipe for home made Tend Skin in another thread that i’ve been trying for maybe 3 weeks. Was very similar to this one but without the witch hazel. I’m not gonna say that i’m desappointed, but i expected a better result. I can see a difference in the ingrows but i expected better. I put everyday after shower.

As soon as i discover what’s witch hazel i’ll try this one … hehe.

Once again, thanks a lot atree <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

ahh im sry for replying so late, i didnt check the forum for awhile. The witch hazel in this recipe is an astringent made from the same-named plant. It reduces swelling (which the rubbing alcohol may cause). You can get this at any drugstore or grocery store like walmart or jewel for less than a dollar. The packaging looks similar to rubbing alcohol and should be in the same area.