Another DIYer seeking guidance


First off, a big thank you to everyone who contributes to this site; your input has definitely helped me alot.

I’ve seen older threads about this topic and the recent ones are from certified (or soon to be) electrologists, so I must ask…

My background info- I am a complete novice, about to start reading several electrolysis books such as Bono’s. I am willing to dish out the money if it’s worth it for a particular machine. I intend on using the machine on myself on areas such as the arms, legs, chest and abdomen.

I was thinking either the Instatron Elite Spectrum K series or one of the Apilus machines. And yes, I do understand my competence is more important than the machine itself

Something worth considering- I just started getting professional treatment and the electrologist uses the Apilus Platinum Pure. I’ve been leaning towards one of the Apilus machines (hesitant on which one specifically) for this reason, because if I need help, I have a pro who already told me would be okay with providing guidance (though she only has experience with this machine).

What would be your recommendation? Apilus (and which one would really be worth it for my needs) or another brand such as the Instatron?

Thank you in advance for your input…

The most important factor is finding a working machine that can operate in all three modalities. In your situation, the epilator brand is only relevant for the purpose of knowing you’re buying a machine that is from a legitimate and proven company. You have many options.

My answer would also depend on your intentions. Do you plan to eventually transition to working professionally or working on family/friends? Are you considering a new machine or second-hand?

Thanky you Scurvy.

Just personally. Not looking to work on others. I’m open to used or new machines.

If you’re working on your self, then you need a machine that does galvanic and blend well and has some automatic option. Instantron is perfect for this. I used a Hinkle but it lacks automatic which can be challenging while working on yourself. DectroApilus is not known for strong galvanic or blend abilities. Maybe the pros can correct me on Dectro machines and limited blend ability.

My UC 3 Hinkle epilator has an auto function and is a superior blend machine.

Rita Dietrich
Licensed Electrologist since 1993

Hi Deisel,
I suppose it’s my posts you aare referring to. Well the story goes like this, I started entirely as a DIY project. Then it turned into something else :slight_smile: When I started to see success from my treatments of myself, I decided to share the love, amoung my local transgender friends. It’s a long story but yes, once a DIY-er always an electrologist. I find it impossible to not ever use a skill that is so valuable once learned. So here I am some years later running my own clinic a pretty well known if I do say so myself certified electrologist.
First, I’m going to say that DIY is entirely possible. You will get a TON of peope saying “Dont do that it’s going to scar your face” and well, I found thats simply not true. Fenix’s advice is well earned, i would tend toward a blend capable machine. In fact that is exactly what I did, mostly, on the very GOOD advice of some of the top professionals here at hairtell. I used an old Apilus SM-500 that I picked up extremely reasonably and I used it’s presets to help me choose the energy levels for my face. And …it worked. God knows how I used those probeholders to death, and yet, they never ever failed me.
This is an important point. None of the books, Michael bono’s , neither the Electrolysis Thermolysis and the blend, nor even Cosmedic and medical Permanent HAir Removal, will show you how to use an apilus. You have to take it a little bit on faith and use the same concepts, more eneegy equals a better release of the hair combined with accurate insertions.

Around here, in Ontario, used Apilus epilators are a dime a dozen, especially if I go looking at kijiji in Quebec. . You’ll see about 20 of them or more at any given point in time. There’s a few Silouette tones, but you wont find ANY instantron Machines. This is mostly bcause Apilus are made in Quebec.
I dont personally like the Platinum Pure. There I said it. I’ve worked with one and while I love synchro, on the Platinum pure the probeholders are terrible.The motherboards are prone to failure and calibration issues. They fail more than I can deal with . The same probeholder is on my Xcell. Dectro does make a 27 mhz courser cabled probeholder, but they are custom made for the moment so as a DIY’er, good luck getting one . Also the Xcell would be out of your price range asa DIY’er.

As I also own an Instantron, I can give you a fair comparison. You will almost never find an Instantron ont he used market anywhere. That’s because most who own one, well you can have it out of their cold dead hands. They just dont come up for sale. Skip at Instantron is more than willing to help out a novice electrologist whereas Dectro will refuse to deal with you. And from what I have seen the digital control of an instantron, more closely resembles the “Manual levels” demonstraited in Mr Bono’s and other books. At $3049 US the Spectrum Elite MIGHT be out of your price range.but I would say its a very good intuitive machine to learn on and top quality.
So the machine you choose? Will depend on where you are. I would gravitate toward an Instantron if that’s possible, otherwise an Aplus ( anything but the platinum which would cost as much as an Instantron anyway) or a clareblend. All of these machines are of good quality and reasonably easy to learn how to use. Your best advice ever, is to heed the advie of the professionals here.I can tell you it helped me to learn immensely.


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Thank you for your responses.

I went ahead and ordered the Instantron Spectrum Elite K Series with (I think the sizes were) .002 and .004 size insulated needles, Aloe Vera, and antibiotic ointment. I think I’m pretty much set for now…

I’ll probably practice on a dime size area on my thigh and see how I do. Hopefully I get the hang of it.

Really curious to hear more about the “auto” feature. How does that work?

I like the control of a manual foot-peddle so I never use the automatic setting. Just a personal preference.SKip should be able to tell you about that he was able to answer most of my questions on operation. Bear in mind the Spectrum K is a more powerful epilator than the elite spectrum I have so do be careful the machine has enough power to do some damage. Keep the energy conservative…

For more advice than that you have to wait a couple days. It’s my last day of vacation tommorrow and I’m hoping to put a sailboat in the water. I see my very persistent clientele have completely booked me up for the week. So it may be a day or two before I can check in on this thread again.

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I have the UC3 and I believe only the plus model has the auto feature, otherwise you need to use pedals to release currents.