Another Aurora treatment Question

I have recently switched from Ventura to Aurora. I have dark skin with black course hair. The areas that have been treated are my neck and cheeks.

Neck 7 times Ventura 2 times Aurora

Cheeks 4 times Ventura 2 times Aurora

Ventura seemed to work at removing and thinning hair, especially since it singed the hair.

After first Aurora treatment many of the orginal hairs from the Ventura treatment returned. I believe my Aurora treament was 20(RF) and 12(IPL). On my second Aurora appointment we attepmted to assess the progress. Since the Aurora does not seemd to singe the hair as much it was difficult to tell. The doctor decided to try and keep the setting the same, but go over the areas twice in one session. Any thoughts. Are settings too low? Could the Aurora be the wrong IPL for me? Or is it still to early to tell. Oh, my second treatment with Aurora was about a week ago, no change seen yet ither than I noticed less ingrown hairs.

Don’t even both with IPL for hair removal - especially since you have darker skin type. At best you will get temporary hair removal, with the possibility of hyperpigmentation, or hypopigmentation. Stick to laser, and go with an NdYag long pulse laser (Lyra or Altus Coolglide) :stuck_out_tongue:

WRONG!! Please get your fact straight before posting a reply. Yes, the Aurora uses an IPL based optical system, but it’s popular because it also utilizes RF, radio frequency. Using 12J of IPL and a long pulse with this device will not cause hypopigmitation in darker skinned patients. It’s simply being used as a target for the RF to travel down and destroy the dark hair from the outside. It’s the same for red, blonde and gray hair as well. There is also a safety monitor on the device to meassure dermal temperature. Go to for more info.

12 seems a little bit low on the RF side. Maybe the doctor had a good reason for it, he shouldn’t mind if you ask.

I had a touch up on my arms two weeks after one treatment and it did seem to help quite a bit.

I am very happy with the results of the Aurora on my arms and chest. Less regrowth than lasers on follow up treatments. The diminishing return phenomenon is reduced with the Aurora. It seems to work very well on lighter colored and finer hairs.


I misread that was 12J on IPL side that does still seem a little bit low but ask the doctor. 20 on RF side is maxed out for short pulse.

Did you try the long pulse mode?


I will double check the IPl. Yes I believe he is using long wave.

Thanks the the replies!

The RF is not maxed out then if you are being treated in long pulse mode. Max RF in long pulse mode is 28 I think, but I’m not sure. Max IPL in long pulse mode I don’t remember the specifics but is probably in the 30s.


Max RF is always 20, but Syneron will have new software available soon to boost it to 25. Hang tight and wait to see the results. The doctor, from what I can tell, is using the perfect setting for you. I know that you will be happy, just give it a little time. This is the safest and most effective device out there for dark skin, not to mention less painful.