Angelite Laser

A local"home based" laser hair removal clinic is charging impossibly low prices and claims to be able to treat most hair colours (all but red and white) and skin colours. I called them to see what kind of laser they use, and they use the Angelite Laser. I hadn’t heard of it before and research online didn’t yield too much objective information (everything I could find was from the Angelite company, or from clinics using that laser, so everything was positive).

I am new to the laser game and uncertain how to interpret the information I’ve found, so I’m hoping that some of you may know about or, better yet, have (positive) first hand experience with it.



Well, only thing i can say for sure is that it’s an IPL machine.

Looks I have more research to do! Is IPL good, or bad?

In general, for hair removal it’s a lot less effective then other true laser machines.
Many use it because it is much cheaper solution for hair removal and usually it’s a good platform for other kind of treatments like photo rejuvenation.
But if you compare apples to apples you are not likely to see good results unless it’s a very powerful IPL and one thing for sure, it will take you more sessions than it would with a true laser.

Hi Odi,

Thanks for the input. It is actually a LOT cheaper than everything else I’ve seen (1/3 to 1/4 of the price) in my area. Even if I did 2x the sessions, I’d be paying less. I have very coarse dark hair, and fair to olive skin, and I react well to laser (typically the hair explodes in follicle - no shedding - I would like to avoid this actually as it causes scabs).

Given how much less expensive it is, do you think it would be a viable option, or is it just a bad idea? I like the lady went to for my face and a few other small areas, but I don’t want to come out with that kind of scabbing on my whole legs. Yowch. Or is it just too ineffective to be worth the time/money?

Thanks for your input. It’s very appreciated!



I found this quote from a transwoman today regarding ipl on her face.:
“See, Since I spent around 15.000 dolla’s on IPL 6 years ago, it mostly came back, and I can shave, but there are still the stubbles… It’s only noticable by touch…”

That sounds like a waste of $15,000 to me.


All I can say is that I could GUARANTEE that I could finish a TG’s full face and neck with electrolysis and give her much change from $15,000 (and it would have been done in way less than 6 years, like 9 to 18 months, if the client was co-operative.)

Hehe, electrolysis and I do not get along!

The few IPL machines that i know they work, cost as much as a true laser.
I had an IPL a few years ago, because it was cheaper machine and they said clients would need only 1-2 more than true laser but in reality it didn’t remove any of the hair and it made the hair fine. So it was very hard to even treat it with true laser after wards.

To make things short, it’s a gamble. I don’t have anything against the person providing the treatment or their place or their price, but the machine itself is a gamble.

On a side note, if the hair explodes during treatment it usually means that there was a lot of power put into the hair that made it explode, not necessarily some special way you react to treatment.

Hi Odi,

Regarding the exploding hairs (off topic, sorry - can one hijack one’s own thread?) - the lady who did my small areas did not think that the power was particularly elevated, but rather that my hair was very dark and my skin so light (relative to hair colour), that the reaction was quite strong.

Well, we’ll see. I’m thinking of having my armpits done to test them out, since I couldn’t my legs till after the summer anyway. I might just put in the extra money and get 6 good treatments instead of 10-12 mediocre ones.

Thanks for your input.

Underarms are always a good starting point in my opinion, small inexpensive and if the machine worth something, it should be effective.

Thanks everyone for your input.

Odi you are so helpful if I ever make the trip back to Toronto I will give you all my business :wink:


I’m just glad to help.

You shouldn’t be looking for cheap. Laser is difficult to perform to actually achieve results. You need a good machine and someone who knows how to set the settings well. You also need dark, coarse, dense hair. If it’s not coarse, it won’t work no matter what they say.

Absolutely read our FAQs at the link below before even thinking of paying someone any money.

Are you reffering to Eve’s Laser Clinic??? Eve runs a home based business and she pwns an Angelite machine, I have has 5 treatments done on mhy whole body and the hair reduction is amazing!!!

Are you Eve?

I agree I have told my frinds to start with the underarms and bikini if they like the results and the machine works on them then they can continue

No I am not Eve

Are you Eve’s husband?

no I am a client of hers