Andrea's lowdown on pro waxing!


A pro wax will probably cost $20 to $200, depending on the place, and the amount of hair you want waxed. Prices are by the area.

My tips for a pro wax are:

  1. Wear casual clothes that you don’t mind if they get a little baby oil or wax on. A comfy t-shirt or sweater can be perfect.

  2. Ask if you can wash your own hands before you start (I’ll explain why in step 11).

  3. Make sure they clean the area well before they start, to help reduce the chance of infection and irritation.

  4. They often dust you with a powder before applying the wax.

  5. The wax is usually applied from little squeeze cartridges that sit in a heater.

  6. Sometimes the wax is a little hot a second or two after they put it on, but it cools quickly. If it hurts, speak up. If you’re worried about how hot it is, ask the technician to put a dab on the inside of your arm so you’ll know what to expect.

  7. Sometimes the wax cartidge pulls a little as the wax inside cools. If this bothers you, speak up. Communication is always the key.

  8. Before the wax sets, the technician will press a wide disposable strip into the wax, then press it down like smoothing a sheet or petting a dog firmly, in the direction of the hair growth.

  9. Once it’s set, they’ll pull it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth in a quick motion. It’s kind of like ripping off a giant Band-Aid-- it might hurt for a second or two after, but it subsides quickly. They’ll usually work in a pattern to get all the hair.

  10. A good technician will have a light, which they’ll shine on the area afterwards to look for stragglers, which they’ll get with tweezers. Unfortunately, a few hairs will inevitably break off at or below the skin surface, but a good waxer will get almost all the hairs.

  11. You can help by looking as the technician tweezes. You might see some from your angle that the technician can’t see from that angle. Point them out as you see them. You might also want to feel around for stragglers by rubbing your fingers on your skin lightly (this is why you washed your hands!)

  12. Afterwards, they’ll usually put on some baby oil and some coolant like witch hazel to clean and to calm the skin. They’ll also sometimes run a towel damp with cool water across the treated area.

  13. Each hair will be replaced with a little red bump. Some people get more irritated than others. Depending on your skin, you might find it soothing to put some 100% aloe GEL (not cream or lotion) on the area. Don’t use the menthol kind-- just 100% aloe gel.

  14. Keep the treated area out of the sun for a couple of days after. This is important!

  15. Some people find a cool shower followed by more aloe gel can be a nice thing when they get home. You’ll usually have a little bit of residual wax on the area. It should come off with a little gentle pressure. Don’t scratch it off-- you might irritate the area.

  16. Until the red bumps subside (from 2-18 hours), be sure to keep the area clean and dry. I recommend not working out or getting sweaty if possible till the bumps go away, but if that messes up your routine, just be sure to use an astringent afterwards and some aloe gel.

  17. Once the red bumps are all cleared, be sure to keep the area moisturized and exfoliated to help reduce ingrowns. Many find Tend Skin is really good for helping with this, too, especially if your hair is coarse or curly.

  18. Between waxings, you can either shave, use a rotary epilator, or just let it grow out till your next session.

There ya have it! Let me know if you have any additional thoughts or suggestions!

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Do you having any recommendations for places in Chicago for waxing for men?


Any place that does waxing for women will also do waxing for men.

The only exception is finding a place that will do hair removal of a personal nature. It’s often harder for men to find these services. so you may need to look around a bit. There are probably places on or near north Halsted that will be able to help if the downtown places or salons near you can’t help.


Know of anyone in the Los Angeles area or near here that performes waxing on Men’s heads? I don’t know where to even start looking. LA is soo big. I could be calling around for days. :frowning:



This is a somewhat unusual request , nick, but not impossible, I’m sure.

You might check with these guys:

Bald R Us website website

Beyond that, I’d start calling salons in your area to see if they have any experience with it.


can you use a gel that treats sunburns? and can you explain tend skin to me. what is it, where can i find it, and how much does it cost?
thank you

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rubberduckie, there are a bunch of posts on Tend Skin in the Topical preparations section.

Hairfacts: Tend Skin

HairTell: Tend Skin thread

HairTell: Tend Skin thread

I’m not sure what you mean about gel for sunburn. There are some sunburn relief sprays that have a mild anesthetic in them-- is this what you mean?

Basically, you want to soother and moisturize the area, and 100% aloe gel is one of the least likely ways to cause irritation. Many creams have other stuff in them that can burn.