On my previous post - inquiring about the Cool Glide Laser - Gabriel seemed to think that my treatments might be scheduled too close together at 4 weeks (THANKS FOR THE TIP GABRIEL!!) and I seem to see that others using different lasers have their treatments spaced out between 6 and 8 weeks.

I could use your input here. I realize that it is most financially beneficial to my practicioner to schedule my appointments close together - so I might be inclined to purchse more after the initial three if I don’t see results, when in reality, I could have spaced them out and acheived more effective results - still just the three treatments.

Is she spacing the appointments every 4 weeks because that is what is needed for the Cool Glide Laser or should I postpone my treatment and let the hair on my legs grow some more?



There are no hard and fast rules about treatment parameters, but most are scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart. There’s not much data on whether this makes treatment more effective or not. but 4 weeks is pssibly a little soon unless you’re seeing new hair by then.