Andrea - would you like me to attend this event for you?


Andrea (or anyone, really…)

The Institute of Electrolysis is hosting a hair symposium not far from me on the 4th November.

The day includes lectures and an exhibition featuring equipment from key manufacturers.
Speakers will include advanced electrolysis guru Shiela Godfrey, who will give a talk on using blend, diathermy and IPL systems for thread vein treatment. David Smith (MD of Polaris) will give a talk on the physics of lasers. And there’s a talk on meeting the requirements of the Care Standards Act 2000.

Their web site is

I’m more than happy to go along and report back.
(Assuming I have the time - I’m out of work at the moment, but a new job could turn up at any moment!!)

Andrea - is there anything on the agenda that you can use on your site(s)? Do you have any questions you’d like me to put to the presenters? Would you like me to see if I can promote your sites?

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Toni, I’m always happy to see readers bring back reports from any hair removal-related things, so whatever you can share would be fantastic!

If I get a moment, I’ll try to make a list of devices sold in Britain which make unsubstantiated claims. Right now, I’m tied up with all these US companies…


OK you’ve got it !! :smile:

It’s in early November, so it’s a way away as yet.


Hi toni, What day is this thing on? if I’m free I’d love to come with you!


Cool! now we even have members looking to meet up! :relaxed:


Hi Beauty Therapist -

Yes, I’d love some company!! I see you live in Southampton too - maybe we’ve already met :wink:

Well, you never know, do you!! LOL

It’s quite a way, though - West Herts College, in Watford, on the 4th November.

Pre-paid tickets are £45 (members of the Institute of Electrolysis, and their friends), or £50 for non-members.

If you get Health and Beauty magazine, the article’s at the bottom of page 12 - September’s issue.


Aren’t we the happy family.

I wish I could have said a hello to you two last time I was across the pond.

I will certainly make sure to do so next time. Of course nothing is planned right now, but I will keep you posted.

James W. Walker VII, CPE — Buffalo NY



  • Drop me a ‘HairTell note’ next time you’re over… :wink: