Andrea, TS Roadmap question!

Sorry, I couldn’t find your e-mail listed anywhere on the site. I’m about to undergo orchiectomy (finally) here in Dallas and would be more than happy to post an account of my experience as well as contact info for the surgeon. He’s a plastic surgeon that is known for his FTM and FFS procedures, but apparently no one knows that he does orchiectomy as well and I think it would be really helpful to get this out there. His prices are good AND he has his own surgery suite, uses general anesthesia, and seems to me to be a lot better option than some of those people out there. E-mail me at and let me know if you’re interested.

emailed! You can always reach me about transition related stuff via andreaATtsroadmapDOTcom. Just change the AT to “@” and the DOT to “.”