Andrea ! Saw Palmetto?

ANDREA I’ve heard that taking Saw Palmetto extract is equivalent to taking Finasteride without the side effects is this true? do you know if this will help a man get rid of body hair?
and Facial hair?

Saw Palmetto is a phytoestrogen. Compared to pharmaceutical products, it should have few side effects if any. Recently, there have been some rumors that it can reduce body hair but I don’t believe their proven, so buy it only if you don’t mind losing the money, it’s not real expensive.
As for facial hair, there is no prescription drug that can significantly reduce facial hair and I don’t think Saw Palmetto could either. The options you would have for facial hair reduction are Laser, Vaniqa, and Electrolysis. Know that Laser and Vaniqa don’t work at all for some people. I’m having electrolysis done on my face right now and can see limited results after about 15 hours of work.

then what does that mean that Finasteride doesn’t work either?!

Finasteride and other pharmaceutical anti-androgens will usually reduce the amount of body hair at least to some extent, sometimes very significantly. Facial hair is not significantly affected by these drugs alone. However, they will usually prevent any new facial hair from growing and may reduce the time required to complete facial electrolysis.

dude then what the heck should I do I,m male I’m lightskinned but get dark in the summer, mexican I have dark brown hair that looks black and really I’m sick of facial hair but it wouldn’t bother me as much if the lighter hair on my cheeks would go away also I hate body hair and don’t have as much as some ppl ive seen but I’m only 24 and I hope I don’t get that harry but I am harry.

oh yeah and I’m a starving student don’t have any cash. but any reasonable ammount could be worked out. I don’t want to wax it will only make it worse, electrolysis is to damm expensive I havn’t got the courage to go laser because of the money, i’m embarrased quite frankly since i’m male and affraid of getting scars espeecially on my face. dude their really has to be a solution