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Hello Andrea

Ive heard you say there are some cases where laser treatments does not affect a person like me even with light skin (type2) and dark hair. Ive had electrolysis done in the past on small areas and has worked decently but was way too time consuming plus im looking to do my whole upper body. If electrolysis worked on me, would i then be exempt from that situation where lasers dont work for unknown reasons with those of my skin type. Any corollation? or 2 completely diff scenarios ? Thank you Andrea Great forum !


Hi Mike-- there’s not been much information on why some consumers respond to treatment better than others. Some of it may be practitioner skill and treatment parameters used.

A published study by Liew suggests that even in dark-haired consumers, there is a correlation between eumelanin levels in hair and effectiveness. Even in brown- and black-haired consumers, there is fluctuation in eumelanin levels (some have more pheomelanin, which appears to be less affected by laser). The more eumelanin the better. unfortunately, it’s not something you can tell by lloking-- you have to get a hair analysis done.

This is just one of many factors, however. It’s likely that many other things affect laser and electrolysis results, most notably heredity and hormone levels.

If you’re light-skinned and dark-haired and have responded well to electrolysis (especially thermolysis), it’s likely that laser will reduce the size of dark hairs and lighten their colors. Although it may not eliminate all hairs, this usually gives a satisfactory cosmetic effect. In some consumers, this reduction is permanent.

So no guarantees, but you’re more likely than most to have a good result if you find a good practitioner.


Practitioner skill is extremely important! If too low of a fluence level is used the laser will be ineffecitve. I had a different practitioner for one session and was treated on my upper arms with only 28 Joules and hardly any hair was removed and I couldn’t feel a thing.
The next session I was back up to 45J and results were much, much better. This was all with the Lighsheer laser.

BTW, in my experience the Lightsheer seems to work better on finer hairs than the Apogee.