Andrea........ please h....p ! =)

Hi folks.
Andrea, I emailed several hair removal offices.
I want you to evaluate what they said about laser and where would you go if you was on my place. Thank you in advace.

My email was the same to all the offices. It was :
"Hello. I’m a 19 y.o. male with skin type II or III and black hair considering facial hair removal (beard, chin, lip…) with GentleLase laser. I’m looking for a dermatologist, who has lots of experience in removing male facial hair.
Please advise.
I’ll be waiting for your reply.
Thanks. "

Here are the responses:

1st office ) “Hi there,
We have lots of experience with treating the face. We use the lightsheer diode laser because I feel it is more effective than the Gentlelase alexandrite. It is safer for skin types 3-5 and we have done over 6000 laser treatments since 1997. We are not dermatologist or doctors. We specialize in laser hair removal on all skin types.”

2nd office) "Hi:

We are not Dermatologists but rather Certified Laser Specialists. We are in the
business of Laser Hair Removal for over 3 years. We run Laser Workshops for
Laser Professionals, including Doctors once a month. At these workshops, we
exhibit and teach the use of various Lasers for hair removal.

We treat all parts of the body and have a lot f experience on facial hair and sculpting.

Regarding your facial hair, we utilise various lasers and once we see you, we would
make the call whether we would use the Gentlelase or any other laser. If you are skin
type III, we may opt to use our Smartepil II ( ND: YAG ) laser, as it is very good on
coarse hair."

I know I am not Andrea, but I really wanted to comment on this. You can’t really tell a whole lot from those emails to be honest. The downside though is that neither one are dermatologists. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad choices.

Find out if a consultation with either place is free. Maybe then set up 2 consultations and go with the practice you feel most comfortable with OR pursue finding a dermatologist.

The board is most likely here to “help” people make decisions by making consumer experiences available, not make decisions for them outright
Only you can decide who you are going to go to. Take information you’ve seen from this board and make that decision for yourself, it’s really the best thing you can do.

Good Luck.