Andrea or any body who has any idae and experience


I am a 30 year old woman with a mediternean back ground ( Resemble people from south ITALY)

I am scheduling to do laser to remove the hair on my both upper legs including bikini areas.

I am scheduling with a dermatologist who uses the light sheer diod .

I have medium light skin with dark hairs.
she is going to charge me $700 for each session and she says that 3 session should be enough and after that I will need to get some electrolysis.

I have some question

1-Is that right that they can adjust the energy of the machine according to your skin and your need?

2-Is this right that light sheer diod is the best and with less side effect? I AM REALLY WORRY ABOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS AND ON THE OTHER HANDS I AM FED UP WITH THESE HAIRS AND REALLY DEPRESSED. :frowning:

3- Is that a good price for my both upper (ALMOST $2100) for both upper legs?..3 sessions

I appreciate your comments.