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Hello! I began writing about hair removal in 1995, opened a specialized hair removal website in 1998, and opened this forum in 2003. I am a writer and consumer activist, and I also work in the film and television industry. From 1995 to 1998, I had electrolysis to permanently remove my facial hair as part of a gender transition. That hair has not returned, and I have not had an electrolysis appointment since 2001.

When I started writing on this topic the internet was full of misinformation and scams about hair removal. I am very glad to have started this forum so readers like you can save time and money by getting the kind of results you want!

I also have a site called on hair removal. You can learn more about me at

Thanks for being there, Andrea! You will never know how many thousands of people have been helped because of your efforts!

There really isn’t a comparable resource online, and the internet is the most turned to media nowadays. Your (and our) work will never be finished, but it is changing the world every day!

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Hi I’m new to this and need some help how do I upload a photo thank you


Upload your photo’s to something like

Copy the pictures IMG link

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It should look like this (this is an example from my photo library):

Thanks for creating this and your other sites Andrea! I am new here, but not new to your work. (I was in the audience at V-Day in 2004 and will never forget your part in the show!)

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Thanks for the kind words!

hi andrea
thanks for this site its helped me alot but what i need to know is how to post a question ?