Andrea, James, anyone...Please help...

Hello everybody…I am new to this site. BUt I have been browsing it, and I must agree with the many others who have expressed their appreciation for all of you who have taken the time to post your advice and support. Andrea, a big thanks to you for setting this site up! I have learned so much just in the couple days that I have been a member!

My problem is I have been developing hair on my buttocks region. I understand that everybody has “baby fuzz” on their body. But as I have gotten older it has only gotten worse, more noticeable, thicker. It’s too the point where, like with many of the rest of you, I don’t feel confident anymore. I just got out of a relationship and I am scared to start up a new one because of my insecurity. Guys will hit on me and I’m scared to be receptive to them because I don’t want them to find out about my embarassment.

THE QUESTION IS…me being half-black/half-white with a medium brown complexion, (I have hair of a medium thickness, and it is dark)…where are good laser and electrolysis practitioners in the NYC or Poughkeepsie area? I am still trying to decide between laser and electrolysis, but I was wondering if anyone on here had any tips. James, you seem to be a sensitive and skilled electrolysist in the NY area. I actually private messaged you if you have not yet received it yet. BUt do you have any referrals? Does anyone know about Yolanda Henry in Poughkeepsie? She’s an electrolysist, and I ran into her website.

I have a very limited budget because I am currently a college student but I want to tackle this problem.

If any of you can help, I’d really appreciate it!THanks!

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Hi Igbo–

Sorry about the slow response-- I was away. I guess James missed your post, too. It’s very common for women to have some hair around the tailbone (the doctor-types call it the sacrum), and as we get older, some of the light fuzz in other areas can get darker and thicker, too.

While some women get this waxed (including yours truly), permanent options abound, and an experienced practitioner will have plently of experience with this.

Given your skin tone, I strongly advise doing careful research before doing laser, and to a lesser extent, electrolysis. You need to find someone with plenty of experience with your skin tone.

There are some good people in Manhattan, but I don’t know anyone in your immediate area.