Andrea, Is It Worth It?

Andrea, I am a transgendered male with body hair issues. I don’t really ever plan on SRS, but I want a more “androgynous” appearance and I don’t like my male sex drive or characteristics. My question is about orchiectomy. I’ve had my facial hair mostly removed by electrolysis (down to about an hour a week) but I have a lot of body hair that is only getting worse. I’ve considered castration for years because of it’s ability to reduce body hair growth. I cannot take spironalactone because of the side effects. Would this procedure be worth it? I have the clearance from my psychiatrist, but I don’t want to go through with it if there isn’t much benefit to be gained. I also plan on facial work with Dr. Suporn, including a scalp advancement, and another benefit from orchiectomy would be to keep my hairline from ever receding from around the scar. What do you think? Does the procedure have enough of an effect on hair growth to be worth it? When I was on anti-androgens before I experienced a great reduction in hair growth. Something to think about.

If you are not blocking your androgens chemically, then you should remove the source of production, so yes, I’d say an orchiectomy is in order.