Andrea in your expert opinion...

Hello Andrea,

Like everyone else I have been fed up with unwanted body hair. I am 20 year old Male, and I have been reading hairfacts for quite some time (excellent site). I have been using an epilator for my arms and despite the pain and time needed it works out all right. However, there is no way in hell that I would use it on my chest.

I want to remove hair from my arms, chest, and legs for good or to a more acceptable apperarence (very light and thin). In your expert opinion if you were a 20 year old guy, and wanted good results and pain and money wasn’t a factor what would you do to achieve the best results?

I have been considering antiandrogens. I am not too familiar with the topic, but I plan to see a doctor about it first.

PS: when I use the epilaror how do I get rid of the black hair spots I don’t know if they are ingrown hairs?

Antiandrogens are used to cancel the effect of androgens. Your body needs these androgens if you are a male. When you remove or reduce them you can expect side effects that are feminizing. You testicles can shrink, you could lose hair on your head because you can not direct the drug to work only on your chest hair…it works all over your body. You may become unable to get an erection. Muscles can shrink in size and you will lose the ability to lift the same weights you can lift currently. These drugs work to combat the hormones that make you a MALE and that is what I mean by “they are feminizing”. Fat deposits on your body will change from the VEE shape seen on males upper bodies to the possible pear shape of the female. You may get more attention from those you prefer not to have. All this depends on the dose you take and your body’s response to them. No two people react the same. YOU PAYS YOUR NICKEL AND TAKES YOUR CHANCES. REMEMBER…you have to take these the rest of your life or you will revert to your original state. They do NOT KILL HAIR ROOTS, consequently, you will return to pre drug state.

Have you tried Emla, a topical anesthetic ? It works pretty well on men’s chests and arms.

Antiandrogens have too many unwanted side effects for most males.

Ingrowns/tombstones/pepper spots can be best dealt with through exfoliation and Tend Skin.

Rotary epilator probably gives good control for temporary options, but for a longer-lasting result, laser on arms can thin hairs, sometimes permanently, if hair is dark in skin light. Electrolysis can achieve a more precise thinning on all skin colors, but all these soptions are highly dependent on operator skill.