Andrea i need your help ...spatouch

I am 19 years old andI live in USA I have hair in placec where it shouldn’t be. I have dark hair on mu chest stomach. lihter hair on my upper back with some dark coarse hair. Lover back dark hair all buttock area is so hairy:o( (dark hair as well and of course my legs. then are my feet. so as u see i am one hairy bastard lol. my guestion is. I was offered Spatouch (actually i asked for it and they told me they would give me one for $5000 propably slightly used but i am not sure. They said it is in exelent condition and they give half year warranty for this. What i am looking for is some device that i can remove hair easly and in private of my own home. I am not looking for permanent removal but at least something that would give me some hair free time like 3 months or so. I would be happy with that. I tried waxing and epilators. It hurts as hell and leaves me with red bumps that last reallyyyyy long and then some ingrow hairs. so after all it looks really nasty. And with spatouch I could just use it several times and had a long free of hair time I dont mind that the hair would come back after 3 moths as long as i dont have that red bumbs
and it doesnt take too much time to do.
what do u think ?
would that be good for me?
I know that i could spent that 5000 going for a laser but i feel dont want to some lady or guy to treat my buttocks. and I heard that the hair mey return and you have to go for touch ups so i figure i may be better of with spatouc. I know it has clearence here by the FDA it also got CE MARK in europe where I come from and I know that they dont give that Mark just for nice looking device. So what do you all think?

Once again FDA approval does not necessarily mean it was approved for Efficacy! I know this as fact because I was a consultant for the FDA on Permanent Hair Removal Devices. For more information click to:

It will also help you answer all your questions. Good Luck!