Andrea I need your advice!


I have been researching hair removal methods and I just can’t handle becoming hairy. When I was a junior in high school I got a little bit of hair on my chest None of my other friends had gotten any yet. So I shaved it. I have been into lifting weights and body building for some time. I have already started to get back hair. My stomach is also getting hairy and hairy. I dont know what to do I tried laser on my back and got horrible burns and scars. If you could please help me. Andrea I am so scared I know that sounds stupid it is only hair but I have been classified with a dissorted body image. Andrea, I am 20 years old and already I am getting back hair. I am so scared, what I am going to do, I really do not want to be hairy. and I am constantly worrying. My legs and arms are alot hairy. and this all seem to happen in the last month. I know now that in removing body hair nothing is permaent but what can I do. I have extremely sensitve skin and I broke out with huge zits all over when my back was waxed about a 3 months ago. When I save my chest the stubble is already there the next day. Is there possible a problem with my pituary gland? and if i would want to know if there is a problem where would i go to have that checked? Please help me, I have had many scary thoughts and i am not happy I have smiled in months. I dont work out very much like i use to because i figure what is the point if i cant take my shirt off. all my friends are hairless, and i dont even hang out with them at all any more. Could you please help!


It’s easy to be a armchair psychologist, but I do think you have to work on one issue at the moment… and that is to separate your worth as a person from your growing awareness of being hairier than you would like to be.

You are young, seemingly healthy and although you are hairy, you do have a lot going for you right now. I can relate to the hairiness, and in time, and with the right advice, support and treatment, you will be able to resolve the hairiness. And you will still be the same person inside… your opinion of yourself may improve, and your comfort with the image you have of your body and freedom to participate in sports and outdoor activities may be increased, but you won’t be a ‘better’ person for having less hair - just happier in yourself of course.

I am sure the answers are here for you, and others may reply with further suggestions, but for the moment, I would suggest you find a doctor who is sympathetic and ask them to check your hormone levels and discuss the hairiness with them… Once you have an idea of if there is an underlying medical condition or not, then you can proceed with permanent hair removal methods.

Good luck, don’t be to hard on yourself - you can still participate in life… just choose other sports for a while…