Andrea! Help me Please

Hello all!

I live in Poland. I can’t buy here One Touch :frowning:
Could we do something like this?:
I would pay $$ on your account for One Touch and shipping to Poland and you will buy it and send to me? Now I have something about 50$ for this (I have to work hard here one week for this money :frowning:

I am really desperated!! I cannot live with so thick hair anymore, we don’t have any good electrologist here, and I would like to start with One Touch slowly and patiently. I now it would take some time (maby several years), but I have to do something with this !! I’m planning to arrive to USA for pro treatmenst in the future. But now I don’t have time and money.

When I will have my One Touch I will keep You posting with my progress in removing hair.
I’m planning to give this treatment something about 4 hours a day for several mounths.
First of all I’ll read some book about electrolysis.

Andrea! Could You help me? Please!

As I said before I don’t have credit card, so you must tell me how can I pay you at bank.

I would be very very thankful

bye all
and wish me good luck

Folica will deliver overseas and will accept other forms of payment.

I recall someone may have answered this request elsewhere.

Yes it was answered. The thread was;f=23;t=000139 where Raphael stated “I can already use credit card”, was told about Folica and Tiny said they would help (for twice the price previously stated in the thread!).

This is starting to sound like either a scam or people just have great difficulty communicating.

Tiny, what ever happened?

Bank fraud and identity theft are the fastest-growing crimes in America right now. All consumers should be extremely cautious about giving out banking information, especially to unknown parties and businesses, and especially those outside the country.

For more on how to protect yourself, please see:

and especially:

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my problem is money,

I currently have ummmm, around 11 dollars in my account.

so, either someone else has to fill the order or the persons gunna have to wait untill I buy the thing:)

Let me check microsoft money right now to see when I defenetly can get it by…

ok… 11/20/2003 that’s a little over a month I can buy it. add in delivery time 11/27 i’ll have it. post office at 11/28 send it out when I get the money to do so if the shipping is ok by the buyer.

this is my plan. if someone else can do better, by all means go ahead. i’m 28 and broke untill the specified day say’s micro-money. great proggy by the way :grin:

o.k. i just hit the jackpot, i’ll be purchasing a unit or 2 lol, in the next few days

i’ll keep ya posted about that stuff in this section. you defenatly want it right? you understand shipping is expensive i think. total may be 30 bucks just for shipping. well, whatever the case is, i’ll buy it and make a trip to the post office for a price quote to poland lol…

anyone know what’s the best shipping price to get? ups er what


Order #3960414 Date: 10/18/2003 08:21:05 EDT

Thank you for shopping at! Your order is now complete. Print this screen for a convenient record of your order. If you have provided your email address, we will send you an order confirmation email, to be followed by a shipping notification with package tracking information.

Ship To: Bill To:
Name: XXX Name: XXX
Email Address: XXX Email Address: XXX
Phone Number: XXX Phone Number: XXX
Company: Company:
Address: XXX

Naperville, IL 60564
US Address: XXX

Naperville, IL 60564

Code Product Quantity Price/Ea. Total
R8460 One Touch Home Electrolysis 1 $29.95 $29.95
Shipping: UPS Ground (4 - 6 business days): $4.95
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $34.90
<img src=“” alt="" />

o.k. as u see It’s bought, just waiting on deliver now

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Date Shipped Via
10/18/03 UPS
Tracking Number: 1ZE40W910343357001

To track your package, go to:

ok, i got it today,

next step, saturday I will go see how much it cost to ship.


shipping by boat = 4.95 6-8week delivery

by plane = 9.25 7-10 day delivery

add tax = 1 dollar

then I believe you should throw in a few extra dollars for my gas to and fro the post office 4 times. 2 times for that price check i just did. and 2 more when i deliver. and maybe a few bucks for my time. lol. but that’s up to you.

now how your going to pay me is your call, but my work is done, i’m just waiting for the money now:)

Thank You very much tiny.
Check Your e-mail!






Ok, I will be tracking :smile:
So, I would like to officially thank tiny for his help :smile:
As soon as I will get OT and start treatments I will keep You posted about my progress.

Thanks once again for tiny for help
and Andrea for this board

best regards

Today the postman brought my One Touch which tiny send my from USA. It has taken only 3 days :fearful:
USPS is great !! :relaxed:

So now, I’ll read about electrolysis… and then
start my treatments :smile:

Thank You tiny, thank You hairtell :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad things have worked out for you so far. Now keep in mind our advise that you get a partner and you both read and trade services for each other. Your results will come faster, and look better in the end.