Andrea, have you heard of Epilight getting FDA approval?

Hello Andrea (or anyone else with info on this),

On another site I came across this study and found the following excerpt:

[b]Pulsed, noncoherent broadband light sources

An intense pulsed, nonlaser light source, eg, EpiLight (formerly ESC, now Lumenis; Santa Clara, Calif), emitting noncoherent, multiwavelength light has recently been approved by the FDA for the claim of permanent hair removal. By placing appropriate filters on the light source, wavelengths ranging from 590-1200 nm can be generated. Cut-off filters are used to eliminate short wavelengths so that only the longer, more deeply penetrating wavelengths are emitted. The cut-off filters provided are 590, 615, 640, and 690 nm. Pulse durations vary from 2.5-7 milliseconds. A single- or multiple-pulse mode (2-5) with various pulse-delay intervals can be chosen. The fluence range is 30-65 J/cm2, and the quartz light guide has spot sizes of 8 X 35 mm or 10 X 45 mm. [/b]

Here is the link to the article:


If anyone has heard of this or has info on it I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.


EpiLight was cleared to market in 1997 and is widely used.

Here’s some additional clinical data:

Search the forums for more info, too.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. In the excerpt they say that Epilight has approval for “permanent hair removal”.

That was the wording that caught my eye, and since the article was written this year I was wondering if they did in fact recently get clearance for that wording.


While they have FDA clearance for permanent hair reduction, I am not aware of any recent clearance for lasers or flash lamps regarding permanent hair removal.

My Electrologist used to have an Epilight, she told me today, and got rid of it because people seemed to find it very painful, and those with darker skin tended to get burned. She did say, however, that it worked pretty well as far as hair removal. Food for thought.

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