Andrea, Guys ... I have a Q

What’s the best laser(s) for threating blach thin and thick hair with a skin type 2 or 3 ?

What lasers are good and which would you recommend ?

Thanks :smile:

Pssst… Andrea, RJC200, I need an advice … :stuck_out_tongue:

as much as i hate to say this

you would probably get a faster answer over on the “commercialised hair removal” forums

if you can ignore the blatant PLUGS and obvious advertising, you can find out some pretty useful information that is simply not available on (for one, advice about experiences in the UK)

Maybe it’s because it’s Xmas and that’s why the forum has been empty but I do sure hope it livens up soon!


Practitioner skill is more important than equipment, but having said that, a course of treatments with an alexandrite or diode will probably give good results. Newer ideas like combining laser and RF are still too new to say for sure how they work long-term.