Andrea could I get your expert advice? Please.

Hi Andrea,

Could you tell me what oral med would be best for female body hair?

I’m leaning towards finasteride. I considered Fluatmide but didn’t like what I read about the possibility of toxicity.

IS finasteride better (or safer) than flutamide for women? Is there something safer? Which would you choose? Is the propecia strength the best for women; or would the proscar strength do a better job?

Also - do these meds work on ALL body hair (facial; underarm; pubic; leg etc?) And - do they thin the hair on your head (or help it) … in women?

And finally – I’ve read that the anti-androgens can affect metabolism. Does this mean they cause weight LOSS or weight GAIN? (slowing or speeding up metabolism)?

I’m a little confused … any advice or suggestions you could offer about which one is best for women … would be greatly appreciated!
Jena :confused:

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I have started using dianne 35 it has been about a month and the hair on my face and on my arms has already decreased substancially. I have not had any side effects that are apparent. I have read that the hair on your head will actually become fuller and stronger while the body hair less. It has only been a month, and from what I have researched it takes at least three months to see a great improvement. However, I guess it depends on idividual body chemistry to know what will work for you perhaps Andrea can help more but I thought this might give a bit of encouragement. Good luck finding what works for you.
Shy Mouse.

Jena, those are questions you should discuss with a medical professional. Oral medications have significant side effects that need to be discussed in depth with you my a qualified specialist.

I took an androgen blocker for many years and found it very helpful, but you need to do this through a doctor. :smile: