Andrea . can I get permission to enter ...

Hi Andrea,
Could I please get permission to enter the genital hair removal board?

I am well over 21 and very interested in the subject.


Anyone wishing to get the password to the Adult Forum can send an email stating you are over 18 to

Jena Did you ever get your password?? I email and stated I was over 21 about 1 week ago still hear nothing yet how long did it take you to get a pass word?

thank you
Sally D

Dearest Sally:

You can’t get a password if you have set up your registration here so that it can get no email back to you. It also means no one can private message you either.

can I change it now or can I get a new username?

Thank YOU VERY much for the help

Sally D

Thanks I changed it now what??

I’m back from vacation, so all adult forum passwords should be on the way. One of the hazards of a site maintained by just one consumer! Sorry abot the delay!