Andrea!!! and anyone else... HELP


Hi everyone. My name is Daniel im 18 years old. When i was 16 years old I began using a bodybuilding product, after one months use I stopped. about a week after stopping my body sprouted hair on every part possible… and ive not taken my shirt off in public since. Ive not had any girlfriends because im to embarassed, im extremely self concious and I desperately seeking help. I want this hair permantly gone, I want all hair from below my chin gone from my body except my pubic area and armpits. This includes forearms, legs, etc. Andrea you know your stuff, the URL ive attached consists of 4 pictures of my body that I took 5 minutes ago with my digital camera. The image might take ahwile to load so give it time and asses my situation.

Chest: My chest as noticeable in the picture has a few sporadic hairs which point in random directions, of random lengths, and all are of a similar color and visible. What doesnt come through well in the pictures, is that if you notice well with a high monitor brightness, you can see thousands of little lines all over my skin from below my collar bone. These are hairs which are rather thin and not intenseley dark like the others, but these hairs make up 90% of the hair on my body. they cover every part, espcially my entire torso, but theyre not that visible in the pictures. MY thighs and calves on the other hand, are covered with dense, near black long hairs as EASILY visible in the leg photo. The stomach and shoulder picts didint come out that great, but in the stomach you can see my treasure trail (happy trail as some call it) which is very dark and long hairs, but I assure you every inch of skin on my body below my collarbone is covered with the thinner less colored hairs I mentioned earlier, you can see them on my stomach appearing as just lines almost like little wrinkles/cracks in my skin. Please look, and tell me what to expect from laser hair removal. I dont have much money and I have 9 months to get rid of as much of this hair as I possibly can. My parents might pay for the laser hair removal if I can convince them its needed as part of my career as a model. Anyways, please reply ASAP, thanx.


If for some reason that URL wont work (its not working in the preview post) just copy and paste the following into ur browser.

thankyou for your time.


ya man, your long haired it seems.

u got a credit card and someone to buy u alchohol? hehe

or a nearby walgreens and alchohol? I recommend callin up yer walgreens and demanding them to get ya a one touch cause they are hard to find and u don’t wanna be walkin around the sto like a fool


Hello Delightfully_Delicious_Dan,

Firstly, I don’t think bodybuilding product is the factor that caused your body hair, however it is likely be the one that accelerated your body hair growth.

From your picture, I would say Laser may not be suitable for you because they look a bit too light and sparse. Also, it might be too early for you to remove your body hair, you might have more hair growing out in next few years.

I would say your legs are most suitable for laser hair removal.

I am not expert but my suggestion for you is try waxing as see how fast your body hair grows back.


Well theres this one spot on my right tricep that me and a buddy waxed with some umm I forget it was just hot green wax, and thats the only area on my arm that doesnt have the hair there, its just a small patch, but even tho its not there, there is still the light hairs that cover my entire body their, and those are what I relaly want gone


Couldn’t get the pux to load, but it sounds as if your hair is not dense and dark enough to bother with laser.

At your age, the hair growth is more likely caused by ongoing hormonal changes than a dietary supplement. You will sontine to see more hair till your mid-20’s probably.

Sounds like you had a good result with waxing. I’d try a body wax and see what you think.