Andre And Others Questions about this Technology?

It seems like in this forum

There is this place called Nuvo that is rapidly expanding in the western united states with there francises and mall settings while using price as a selling point.
Here is there website for refernce:

Now my question is they use the Aurora DS which I have never heard of and I did a search on hairfacts and couldnt find anything on it. So I was wondering have you heard of it before and is this an IPL method or ???

Any insight you can provide would be great!!!

Also just for you know so far my treatments have been going great as far full legs goes with the diode laser but Ill keep u up to date on it

Hi Biker!

There are tons of Aurora threads here. Use the SEARCH feature at the top of the page, and search the Laser Hair Removal Forum for “Aurora.”

RJC2201 and others have posted detailed first-hand experiences.

I have been treated with the Aurora with very good results. It is IPL combined with RF (not microwave). Based on my results so far it works as good as the Lightsheer with less scabbing and redness on dark skin.

As Andrea said, search and look at my previous posts on the Aurora.