an odd question

ok this may not be the most important question but I really need some advice.My first electrolysis appointment is Monday afternoon…A really good guy friend of mine is in town this week, we had a pretty heavy make out session last night…and I am assuming it may go further before he leaves.I have been shaving and trimming the hair on the sides of my face because I think you have to do that before electro or it dosnt work.I really want to be more comfortable with him and have my face feel smooth…So I would like to know if it would be a horrible thing if I just epilated it once Saturday.Would this ruin my first session?or just make it longer before Im finished?Whoever answers this I love you!!! =o)

I’m sorry to tell you, but I think that plucking or waxing before LHR is a strict no-no. I would definitely hold off on doing it until you hear for sure from one of the experts in this Forum. It is my understanding that if you succumb to this temptation you might need to wait at least 8 weeks before this area would be eligable for electrolysis or laser. Like I said, I’m not sure, but hold off until you hear from an expert.

From what I understand, you need to have hair long enough to be plucked.

I am not sure I should give this advice, but you are making out with a ‘friend’ in town who might be leaving? I am thinking getting electrolysis is more important than kissing just a ‘friend’ in town. I’d have that attitude right now, if I were you.

I don’t think the reason for not waxing or plucking has anything to do with the hair not being long enough for the electrolysis to get hold of. Plucking is an entirely different thing than a close shave, and must not be done prior to electrolysis. Qualified experts on this forum will explain why, but in the mean time don’t do it. Shaving is O.K.

Thanks ladies for your responses…they were quite helpful.I know i probably didnt sound too cool saying all of that but I thought what the heck ill go ahead an tell them all the situation.But all is well anyways, I wont do that…bcuz tonight me and “my friend”(I just got out of a 2 year relationship and dont plan on getting in another one)So anyhoo, yes he is in the Navy and he has to leave Sunday…Im pretty sad about it too but i know that nobody wants to hear that…anyhoo i cant wait for my first appointment!yay…but overall hes a swell guy an even tho i HATE trimming an shaving I guess i can do it for a couple more days.
Love, peace, mac&cheese

I was saying to after they use electrolysis, you need to have hair enough to grab it off the roots. I didn’t mean plucking as in plucking without electrolysis, I meant to say that after using electrolysis, the hair needs to be removed, and it’ll come right off without effort.

I don’t think you can do electrolysis without some hair outside the skin. How will the electrologist remove it then?

I’m no expert, I was just saying that having to postpone treatment for one day because you shaved to close is entirely different than postponing for two months because you epilated the area.Not seeing a hair on top of the skin is a different problem than the difficulties caused by ripping a hair out of the follicle prior to electrolysis. Two different problems, and I just wanted her to avoid epilating before she gets a qualified answer to her question.

Redhead has hit the nail on the head. If you pluck, wax, or otherwise, you remove those hairs from permanent removal availability. You also postpone your treatment start for at least 3 weeks. If one shaves instead, at the worst, one might have to shift one’s appointment a day or two in the future. The electrologist needs only enough hair above the skin’s surface to be able to grasp it with the forceps. Laser hair removal would require actual hair in the follicle as well. Electrologist’s can see hair that you can’t see, and some that you can’t even feel. Soon these kinds of worries will be a memory.

Thanks for “pinch hitting” Redhead, you really helped out.

Now you’ve heard from an expert.