An IPL effectiveness vs. cost question

I’m a female with type 3-4 skin (probably closer to 3). I’m being treated with a Starlux IPL. My cost per session is only about $250 for full leg with brazilian. From what I’ve read in this forum the IPL is not as effective, but I’m wondering if at that price it might be worth it in the long run. Ideal results would be little or no hair on and between my legs, and thinned out on the top pubic area.

Can anyone offer advice on whether I should continue these very affordable IPL treatments or look for somewhere with another type laser?

ANY advice is appreciated.

that’s a very good price and this is one of the better IPLs. i would see what happens. you should be able to tell after 3-4 treatments. are you seeing shedding of all hairs after every treatment? that’s key at this point.

Yes, shedding has been pretty good so i am glad to know that is key. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for decent results.

thank you!