Amphora wax and accessories

I got this note from the President of Amphora Worldwide on 3 June 2005. I plan to take him up on his offer of a sample of their Tend Skin competitor, and I will let everyone know my impressions!

My name is Ben Johnson. I am the president of Amphora Worldwide, the parent company of Bombshell Wax™ premium depilatory wax and waxing accessories, Cream 100™ Calming Balm and Tonic 86™. I’m also a fan of your Web site and its commitment to providing the public with the information they need to make good decisions about hair removal. I also admire and applaud your rubble-rousing in exposing industry frauds and charlatans.

I invite you to explore our Web site and our products. I expect you might have special interest in Tonic 86™, a product we developed after customers complained about Tend Skin (too harsh, too expensive, unpleasant fragrance, package is too masculine, difficult to do business with). Unlike claims by Tend Skin’s manufacturer, we know exactly how Tonic 86™ works. We’ve deliberately created a product that meets or exceeds Tend Skin’s efficacy in combating ingrowns, bumps and burns in a formula that is less harsh and more pleasant to the nose and eye.

If you would like to evaluate any of our products I’d be please to send any samples you request.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Ben Johnson
Amphora Worldwide