American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery

Just wondering if anybody attended the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) annual conference in April 2009?

According to this article a long-term efficacy study was conducted between the LightSheer and Soprano XL diode lasers. 25 women, with 5 sessions each (with one leg done with each machine), with results gathered 6 months after final treatment.

Apparently the results of the study were to be presented at the conference in April. However, I can’t find any reference to it on the ASLMS website (which admittedly isn’t the easiest to search through, and has very limited content).

The article above claims that the results between the machines were comparable, but doesn’t give any details. And although the article is by “The Aesthetic Guide” (which I assume is industry neutral), the article is hosted on the Laserwelt website, which shills the Soprano XL machine (amoung others). And the principal investigator in the study was Martin Braun, M.D., medical director at The Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre (a clinic which uses the Soprano XL).

Just wondering if anybody has heard of this study?

Send a message to SSLHR on this forum. Hopefully, he’ll check it.

Choice? Did you attend this conference?

Two problems I see with information in this article:

  1. 15-25J is pretty low

  2. Spacing of 4-8 weeks on the legs which have long hair cycles is not really indicative of that much. Technically, they’re looking at results of 2-3 real treatments that affected any NEW hair due to this. The other treamtents just retreated the same hair.