american laser centers rockville centre ny

sick and tired of shaving my back every two days i just signed up for treatments at american laser centers in rockville centre and thought i would post my findings.

i thought about waxing, ow, and electrolysis, geez that was expensive and came up with lasers. wax once a month for 40 bucks a pop and you’re talking almost 500 bucks a year.

price was big consideration and its hard to get a good ballpark number without going in for a consult:

they are a national chain with locations all over the place. they’re offering a summer special 25% off any package. the advantage of this is that if you commit to a pkg (50 weeks) and move there’s probably a location close by so you don’t lose your investment.

in addition summer months are slow so they are running an end of month special 10% off any package.

also you get a $25 coupon by booking a consult through their 800 number 888-645-3310.

moral of the story: its cheaper to buy a package, its even cheaper to buy your package at the end of a SUMMER month as that’s their slow time. winter they are booked solid. you can’t go out in the sun for 3 weeks before and 1 week after your treatment so that sort of dampens summer beach going. always check for discounts.

the consult went like this:

you can go a-la-carte for $450 per treatment (no discounts)
you can commit to 6 treatments spaced 10 weeks apart.
total cost $2639. after all the discounts that came in at $1756. they offer a 2 year follow up “guarantee”. after your 6th session you can come in any time for a touch up for up to two years. (unless you tell them you’re on medication known to cause hair growth - steroids testosterone etc)

per session my deal came in at $290 per visit which is less than i thought it would be.

footnote: they offer interest free 12 month financing (spot credit check) if you qualify and don’t feel like spitting up 17 hundred bucks at once. no penalty for paying off early.

interesting note: they do not use anesthetic. they use a cold conducting gel we’ll see how that works.

here’s their tech blurb from their website:

“…American Laser Centers exclusively uses ELOS,TM the very latest technology in hair removal. This advanced system uses pulsed, high-intensity light, combined with carefully modulated RF energy, to deliver an unprecedented combination of safety, versatility and effectiveness with various hair and skin colors. An actively cooled treatment head helps to soothe and protect your upper skin layer, while the pulsed light and RF energy gently work together to disable active hair follicles–even blonde, red or gray hair…”

the manager of the shop was a client before taking the job.

will post how this goes as it goes.

be aware that you are using an IPL with RF technology, not a laser like an alex or diode.

That is the primary issue - using IPL. I would love to hear feedback on how well it REALLY treats the light hair. I am now finding more (and MORE) light hair as the years pass by… <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

I had some success with light hair on the Aurora. I maxed out on the Aurora and got to a point where I needed more fluence than it could provide. I would suggest looking at the Comet for light colored hair. The Comet uses diode laser in combination with RF energy and it offers higher fluence levels than the Aurora. Mantaray has had good success with it. I prefer the diode laser like the Lightsheer for light skin and dark hair and the Nd:YAG like the Sciton for dark skin.

Yes, it is common to find more and more light hair as the years go by. That is why you shouldn’t wait too long to get laser treatments. I think for light hair your best choices will be the Comet and electrolysis.


Just wanted to put my two cents in. I go to American Laser centers here in Michigan.

So far I have had my 9th treatment, which is outside of my 6 treatment package, and there is no problems to keep going back. I did my face and bikini first with now the results are at least 70% , so I recently got the leg package as well. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I hope your experience works …

I definately like the American Laser Centers, they are great…and have many locations, and I love my tech…she is great…:slight_smile: just enough pressure with the diode laser…