american laser centers guarantee?

I’ m just finishing up having my upper lip and chin lasered, as well as my arms and lower legs…6 treatments…now i have the 2 year guarantee, basically free laser treatments for 2 years. However, I wanted to skip a treatment since its almost summer and i might get tan from being outside and wanna take a nice vacation. they told me though that u can only skip once and then u lose ur guarantee? anybody else have this problem?

Hey, by the way- did the laser work to remove/reduce your hair on your face, arms and legs?

Read your guarantee. They all have very interesting clausess and definitions. You may find that the definition of 2 years is 2 years from your FIRST treatment. That is what many of those contracts say.

yes, chin worked out really well, upper lip ok, legs are going ok, arms doing good, i wouldn’t say close to 100% though. still have to shave, but hopefully if i keep getting treatments, it’ll keep getting better


There will come the time when repeatd lasering, after the recommended 4-8 treatments have passed, will bring very limited results. The remaining hairs that are lighter and reduced in size most likely will not be affected by laser. You may be very satisfied to stop at this point just because the hairs are less noticable. If you want total clearance, then electrolysis can help you.

Glad to hear you are very happy with your results. Please keep us updated.


If you skip treatments, they won’t be as effective. Hair needs to be in its active anagen phase to be treated by laser. It’s not cost-effective to skip treatments before you complete all of them. Guarantees are more of sales pitches used to close the sale. There are many clauses in them that can prevent you from taking advantage of them. In addition, I found that a lot of places that offer them either go out of business before you can take advantage of it or they don’t treat you effectively as they should during your first 4-8 treatments, so it’s just there to keep you less worried about the lack of results.

Some laser hair removal can last up to 4 years and than it mostly all regrows. You better read what some doctors that use laser say. Click to … Go to the laser section. Good Luck, FG

This website is run by electrologists. It is not really a good idea to take what a competitor is saying as a fact. Doing research means examining unbiased studies and websites.

And there is unbiased information on websites. Read for published information on laser and electrolysis. There is also some good information on on the two methods of hair removal - search for “laser hair removal” and “electrolysis.”
Yes, his website is run by an electrologist. An electrologist with 46 years of experience, so that lends some credibility to his case. Have you read the information on the websites? Might help…

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stargazer, I too go to American Laser Centers…
I didn’t have a problem with them until they got a different tech from another building…
Last fall, she wouldn’t treat me because she said I was still tan???
I had treaments done prior to her, when I was even darker, she wouldn’t listen!!!
So now, I just went yesterday and told them I’d be back in the fall, they asked why and I said because I will be tan all summer, I am not keeping a shirt on, I have a pool!!!
They never said I couldn’t miss though…
I just am losing out because my 2 years is up next March…

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the info I am getting from this website.

How much does it cost to get full face and legs treated with 2 years gurantee and six treatment packages?

Do they treat pubic area also?

I am a person with Skin type IV and corse hair. Due to shaving I have formed ingrown hair and black spots all over my leg. Was hoping that I can get lazer treament done and then switch to spots diminishing task. But to start off my lazer I am little worried since I am not seeing too many positive feedbacks on lazers these days.

I am sure we need to spend a fortune and if doesn’t work we will be loosing a lot.

I am planning to go to American lazers located in Pittsburgh. Can any body shed some light on this center…

Any replies will be of great help!!!


do a lot of research and have a few free consultations before you decide on a laser place. american laser center is a chain, so the quality of their techs etc varies by location. guarantees are not something to look for when choosing the right technician. an extensive experience of the tech and the best laser for your skin and hair type will get you the best results. also, get a spot test done first since lasers don’t work for everyone before you sign up for a package. or get one small area done with just one treatment and no package and see how it works. with your skin type, its possible that you may get burns or hyperpigmentation with alexandrite or diode lasers with the setting actually high enough to kill the hair, so definitely get a spot test before committing to a treatment by one of these lasers. Nd:Yag lasers are better for darker skin types, so I would consider that as well.

Legs could cost anywhere from $300-500 per treatment. Bikini is usually extra, $75-150 per treatment for regular bikini. Prices vary across the country and the clinics usually give you discounts for multiple areas. Face can be anywhere from $200-300 for full face. But you need to get a consultation to get exact prices. They need to see how much hair. Also, have a couple with different places so you can get the best deal. Prices can vary greatly as well.

Good luck

I am a customer of American Laser Centers here in Michigan. I have gone past my 6th laser treatment for full bikini, and face. At my center there is never a problem making appointments after treatments. I purchased a 2 year contract gaurantee too. I have remained going with a few straw hairs I want zapped. I have found having different techs makes a difference. There are two I like best at my center. I have had good enough results I purchased a legs package too. I hope your center lets you skip treatments if you need it. It does not seem fair that would disqaulity the gaurantee…especially if it is supposed to work permanently with 6 treatments most of the time?? puzzling.