American Laser Centers and Aurora...Help, Please!

I am 22 and I have a light caramel skin complexion. I set up a consultation with American Laser Center. I was attracted to them by their 2 year quarantee, where if you have any regrowth after the 6 treatment package, they will treat you for free up to 2 years. I was wondering if anybody else has went to American Laser Center. And what were your thoughts about their service?

They use the Aurora system. I did a search on Aurora in this forum and I got back mixed reviews. Some people liked it and some it just didn’t work for them too much. So this has me a little worried. I heard that Aurora works good on darker skin. But I was also told that LightSheer is a better laser and that it will work fine on my complexion. What do you guys think? I need help, Please!

Can’t speak much about the machines you mentioned, but Nd-Yag laser should work great for you, it is a very effective laser for darker skin. Cutera and Candela have great Yag lasers. I would also suggest LMX or other topical, since Yag is painfull.

Can’t speak much about the machines you mentioned, but Nd-Yag laser should work great for you, it is a very effective laser for darker skin. Cutera and Candela have great Yag lasers. I would also suggest LMX or other topical, since Yag is painfull.

Thank you so much for your input. This is not the first time I have heard that about ND-YAG. I had went to a consultation a couple of days ago and the doctor warned me that the laser he uses may cause problems with my skin tone. He told me that his daughter used it and she got pigment problems that wouldn’t go away without the use of bleaching creme. So now he says he always warns patients with type 4 or above skin to go with the Nd-yag. He told me that it has a lower rate of causing this problem. He didn’t have a nd-yag, so he just suggusted for me to find a doctor who used one.

So i found a good doctor with quite reasonable prices that uses the nd-yag. I got a test patch done today. And it was quite painless. But I have a high pain threshold. So I don’t think I will need the topical.

Thanks again LaserX

I also am seriously considering American Laser in King of Prussia PA. The whole process is scary to me but they seem o.k. Any comments to the contrary?

They seem clean and organized and very busy. Dr’s don’t give the treatments clinic staff do, they have been trained (maybe 2 days training) they have a LOT of people come through (focused steady but not overly heavy sales pitch) and have offices all over the US, supposedly they are the biggest in the business so as nothing bad about them has been said here maybe they’re o.k?

They only use one type of machine and treatments are 6 weeks apart to allow proper hair regrowth… something about catching all the growth cycles.

The machine they use is Elos Aurora which also treats acne and skin problems
more here
Supposedly the fact that they use radio frequency (provides heat) and laser makes their machines able to treat any color hair.

They give a package deal, 6 treatments w a 2 year guarantee, if any hair comes back after the 6 treatments you get free future treatments for up to 2 years.

I am 45, female, skin type 2 (self diagnoses!) and want hair removed from my upper lip, chin and jawline, some is fine blond, most is light brown and coarse (been shaving for years).

I investigated laser 4 years ago but it seemed too ‘new’ a treatment and risky. I tried electrolysis and it hurt too much, plus hair grew back. I read here that you need to ‘finish’ w electrolysis anyway, What’s that about?

I was given a quote of $1836.60 special deal ('cos its january?) for the package deal of 6 treatments. each treatment lasts about 30 mins. and the 6 treatments will be complete after about a year (1 treatment every 6 weeks) they sell super sunblock etc. and overall I am inclined to go for it but would really appreciate and pointers.

It is a serious investment for me, I live in the country, far from any other options and have to drive 3 hours one way to the clinic so it is a big commitment. I live in NE Pa and am equidistant from Philadelphia and NYC. Any comments anyone? [color:“yellow”] [/color]

Their website is here

The phrase “Finish With Electrolysis” is the LASER industry conceding that they can only promise at best 60% reduction in the best case according to the studies done so far.

As such, you should still be auditioning electrologists so that you can either do all your work, or at least have the person who will “Finish” what your LASER can’t, when your “Guarantee” is no longer honored

PS READ YOUR GUARANTEE VERY CAREFULLY and look for weasel clauses.

I have started my treatments with Light Sheer in American Laser Center (Illinois location) in June 2003. I had my sixth treatment last Christmas, and even though I am not hair free, I am definitely happy with the results.

I have been scheduling appointments regularly since my last treatment, and never had a problem getting an appointment even though I am in my guarantee period. From my experience, the center that I went to is very good in honoring the guarantee, I have one more year of treatments left, and then I am planning to start electrolysis.

Hope I was of some help.


I am also a type-4 skinned female and was looking for a doctor who treats with ND-YAG lazers.

Can you provide us more deatails about this place, which part of US is this doctor residing and whats the package that he has offered you.

This would help me decide…

thanks in advance,