American Laser Center

I went to a consult Saturday at American Laser Center. Does anyone have any experience with them?

It sounded great so I signed up. They are charging me $4300 for extended bikini, underarms, lower legs, upper lip, and between eyebrows. She told me she was offering 20% off + free microdermabrasion if I signed that minute, but coldn’t offer me that if I didn’t. I signed and when I got home, I realized that she lied to me and this special was being offered to anyone going there, regardless of when they signed.

I have light skin/dark hair. I have been told that the price is better for people like me? Is that true? I don’t think I got a better price.

They told me the price included 6 treatments and a 2-year guarantee to get rid of stray hairs.

I’m freaking out that I did the wrong thing and I’m concerned that she lied to me. I don’t trust this company at all now.

Please help.

From what I’ve read on here about American Laser Center, some find it ok while others have had really bad experiences.

ALC seem to be very much interested in sales and not the people.

Use the search feature on here to find out more about American Laser Center.

So since you don’t trust the company at all now, what do you want to do? Do you want your money back or will go on with the laser treatments with them?

Btw, you’re getting the place between your eyebrows lasered?! Seems a bit dangerous and unnecessary. I would get electrolysis for that and any other areas on the face.

Having dark hair and light skin is a great for laser.

I don’t really know what I can do. I’m going to go talk to the manager (the lady I had my consultation with) and see what she says. Thanks for writing back. Please let me know if you hear more about ALC. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Get your money back. I have had a totally negative experience by these people. They took my money and left me with a disfigured patchy beard that I now have to shave twice a day in order to look normal. Not to mention the intense pain, irritation, hypopigmentation and scarring! RUN !

Do you think I can get out of my contract since she misrepresented information?

There are tons of experiences outlined on this and other 2 forums about this chain company, just run a search using the search feature. experiences really vary by location. their general approach is heavy sales, which you already experienced and would turn me off. I would recommend you do research on the forums, read the FAQs and figure out if they have qualified technicians to actually treat you and get you good results. Also, what laser do they use? Hopefully, it’s a true laser and not the IPL Aurora that some locations have. Light skin and dark hair is the best combination for laser, but it will work best on coarse hair, and you will most likely have to finish with electrolysis on any areas you want to be 100% hairfree (btw, I highly doubt you got a lower price because of that). Also, if you have fine hair on upper lip and eyebrows, I would not do those with laser, and rather go for electrolysis. Please read the FAQs like I said, where all of what to expect is outlined. Unfortunately, most who have tried getting money back from them even before starting treatments haven’t been able to do so. there are several threads on the other forums about it (check cosmetic enhancements forum) and several ppl trying to do it. On the contract, I believe they put that the fee is non-refundable.…asc&start=0

THanks everyone. This has been helpful. I’m still not sure what to do, but want to talk to the manager about being deceptive. I also just got a consult from Ideal Image. They seem really on the ball and have nurse practitioners and physicians assistants performing treatments. It costs $4700 though. Does anyone know anything about Ideal Image?

Some states have a “cooling off” period for certain types of contracts. Make a few calls today to attorneys to find out if this would be applicable. If you want to get out of the contract, do not delay. These cooling off periods are usually three days.

If you are successful in voiding the contract… Please don’t be in a hurry to sign somewhere else. I am a strong beliver in pay as you go. They know that future revenue from you depends upong a satified customer. I also find that a with a little negotiating, I can get the package rates anyway without buying the package.

Good Luck

Once again, I urge you to read the FAQs. Some things that are mentioned is not rushing to sign with anyone and exploring at least 3-4 clinics, including PRIVATE clinics, not chains, to obtain quotes etc. In addition, everyone is different and you don’t know what your results may be like until you try it. That means that it’s probably in your best interest not to sign up for any packages and try one one area for one treatments at first and see what happens. Only after that can you make a good decision on whether it’s worth treating all those areas and paying up front. Many places, usually non-chains, don’t even require you to pay up front; and like Paul above said, most will match any price to get you as a customer without package deals etc. Honest clinics are not afraid that you will run away after a treatment or 2 <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Also, you never mention your skin type or the type of laser either uses, and if it’s best for your skin type, which tells me you haven’t done enough research – which can lead to disappointment. Laser hair removal is not a done deal in 5-6 treatments as the sales pitches you hear make it sound. You wouldn’t spend $5k on a car without doing lots of research. I’m always shocked people are willing to spend that much and up front after hearing a simple sales pitch.

I just got off the phone with the manager. She maintained that the promotion applies to the consultation only and if you don’t sign on the day of the consultation, it cannot be used. I questioned her repeatedly and then let her know that I called ALC headquarters and they said that the promotion applies any time during April and you do not have to sign on the day of the consultation in order to use it. The manager sputtered when I said this and said she’d have to call me back after talking to her manager. I then gave her a number of requests including a copy of their written guarantee, names of clients, names and credentials of technicians, clinical data, and laser types. She said she’d get me this info. I sort of feel bad for being so hard-nosed about this, but she has no scruples. Thanks again for all the help with this. If I am not satisfied with her answers I will get out of my contract with them. Let me know if you hear anything further.

don’t feel bad! she was saying whatever it took to get you to sign and you’re dishing out $5K!

I have dark brown hair and very light skin (I wear ivory makeup). At ALC they have Light SHeer (Diode) and Neurora (IPL). I’ve been told to stay away from IPL. You are right, LAGirl, I probably didn’t do much research. I am pretty compulsive sometimes. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

hi everyone…AFter reading this thread, i just had to give my input <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />…Im a type-4 male with dark hair. I have had about 8 treatments with the AMerican Laser Center now and have had significantly good results. Its not a 100% removal, but a huge reduction. Due to a successful treatment with them, i just recently signed up for a 6 treatment (2-year guarantee) for my chest with them and have had 1 treatment so far…
Long story short, ive had relatively good results with these people. They charged me 1800$ for chest and abdomen (2 year guarantee) which i think isnt bad at all. BTW, im from Michigan and these people were pretty nice to me.
If you got any questions about my experience, you can pm me directly too <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />.

It’s a chain and it varies by location as I said above. Their sales tactics are similar everywhere, but it always depends on the actual person who is treating you. If you get one that is actually experienced and doesn’t leave by the time you’re done with treatments (and actually interested in getting you results, not just in how much you’re paying), you should be fine. Just monitor your settings and results etc, and I wouldn’t jump in to sign up for a lot of areas at once without trying it out first and seeing if there are results.

LightSheer is a good laser for light skin and dark hair. Make sure they use settings of above 30 joules on this laser if possible if you’re really a type I-II, which it sounds like. If they don’t want to, have them do test spots to show that your skin can handle it. Also, my suggetions would be to not treat hair that is sparse and very fine. Do areas with most dense and coarse hair.

TRUE…lightsheer on me did work on thick and dark hair. I do still have the thin ones… One question… IF a hair was really thick and after laser, it came out thin, would it remain thin or would it generally grow to be thick after a period of time?

technically, the follicle is weakened and it shouldn’t, unless there is something in your body that provides stimulation/blood supply for it to get thicker again. you can also finish up with electrolysis, which is what i’m doing.

hmm,but if i dont finish it up with electrolysis, what r the chances that it might grow thicker again? Im a 26 year old male for ur info <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

it’s really impossible to tell you in advance. everything points to the idea that it shouldn’t. people like RC2001 haven’t experienced this years after. most people who have had good results for over a year or 2 say that whatever doesn’t come back within 3-4 months, is not coming back or changing texture.

Update on my situation: I asked for research on their lasers and also information about their technicians. They provided all of that in a timely manner. I also filed a complaint at the head office, but I don’t know what will come of that. I called the manager of the location near me and she apologized for what had happened. She also gave me another area free, which will be the navel area or “happy trail.” Overall, I am pleased with the way they have handled this. I will post more after my first treatment.

I had my first treatment last Wednesday. I did the navel area and underarms. She did a test spot and I was able to get to the maximum of 35. When we started on my underarms we went down to 30 since it was a little more sensitive there. The treatment went really fast and the technician was great. The next day it seemed like my hair grew back under my arms faster than usual. Is that normal?? Anyway, go in for other areas next week.