Am I threading right?

I have started threading for myself at home. Should I be concerned that the hair might not be coming out at the roots? I am happy with the results so far, but is there a chance that the hair might just be breaking at the surface???

I am curious as to how you can do threading by yourself. What parts of your body are you able do it without help? Also is it a slow process without help.

It’s hard to describe… Using a long piece of thread, I wrap one end several times around the index finger of one hand and the other hand around the thumb of the same hand. Then I place the thumb and index finger of other hand at other end (loop) and twist so that I now have something that looks like a bow with hands at either end.

I’ve since learned that I am doing it right and was getting the hair out at the roots. It doesn’t take too much longer than having it done for me.