Am I the only one here with this problem??


Hey, i’m a new member here, i was just researching the website which is a wonderful information site. But supposedly i’m the one only one with this problem (or at least i think) i have a problem with my armpits. when i shave my armpits, it’s not white, it looks blue, i don’t know if that’s called ingrown hair or something, but it’s frustrating!! i try to put baby oil, to exfoliate my armpits, but that’s not working! so i’m kinda stuck here! anybody here know how to handle armpit problems? by the way, i’m 14 so i think i’m too young for laser or electroysis treatment! anything solutions?


The color could be caused by hair under the skin after it’s shaved. Those with light skin and dark hair sometimes have a shadow in their armpits.

Some people with dark skin and dark hair can have a similar problem.

In some cases with people who have light skin, you can see veins under the skin more easily. Maybe that’s it…

If it’s the first one, you might try waxing instead of shaving. This can help reduce “shadow.”


<<eeekk>>… waxing??? does sugaring work as well? and is it more painful becuase the pits are sensitive?
i did my legs using sugaring, and it wasn’t that bad… so if the armpits have the same equivelent of pain it’ll be nice to know.
i’m actually thinking of going to a salon… do they wax on people my age? or do you have to be older?



I think I had the same problem , but my armpits was black, due to the hair, so I got laser done ( which didn’t get rid of the hair) , but definately it thinned them, they are alot thinner.


I had my sister use Veet to wax my armpits. It hurt for me as I have a low pain tolerance. Some people say that after the first wax it gets better, but it felt worse to me, like we were ripping skin off broken, bleeding skin. I’d say get a professional to do it because we had to keep going over the same area which hurt so badly. But a day later it didnt hurt and I felt so glad that I didnt have to shave, and it was like an instant no shadow or blue/black region- which I normally get from shaving.


Have you entertained the idea of getting laser for your underarms.I think it would be a fabulous choice for you if you are good candidate.


I agre with Dee. if your hair is dark and coarse, laser treatments are inexpensive and amazing for underarms. it would cost a total of $600 or so for all your treatments. not too expensive to not have to deal with the hair or shadow there ever again. you can read my story if you’d like. it’s one of the areas I got done and it was the best decision ever.


Keep this in mind also: if you have laser done on your underarms and want total removal, you will need a couple electrolysis treatments, not more than an hour to get the lighter hairs left behind. Pesonally, if I had these lighter hairs post laser, I would probably just shave them once a month. They are very light (and long) and almost unseen, but thought I would mention that an electrologist with very good vision equipment can wipe them out with little time and effort. I have seen cases where there are anywhere from 20-25 hairs per side to 100-200 hairs per side left behind after lasing the area, so don’t expect total removal, but do expect that you will be very, very happy anyway in the end. This is a great area for laser.



No you are not the only one. TRUST ME. I had big problems with my pits for the longest time.

The best thing is a good waxing. But this can be expensive and you will need to have them done often. The next best thing is the use of Tend Skin Line of products to shave the area. The shave gel is awsome. It is the smoothest gel I have ever felt. The blade just glides over my skin and there is hardly any irritation. As you know, it is this irritation that causes the bumps. It is also important that you shave correctly. There is an excellent guide on Ebay that teaches you how to shave correctly. It is mainly for men and the shave bumps that they get on their faces, but the info is good for anyone who shaves. the url for the shave guide is:

or just do a search on ebay for Facial Mapping. You can get tend skin products anywhere online. Just google it or go to ebay and search tendskin or tend skin. If you still can’t find the guide or tendskin products, email me at

good luck.


Strkyr100, you wouldn’t happen to be the eBay seller, “neverendingsale01” would you?