Am I Supposed to Tip the LHR Technician?

When I went to pay for my first laser for underarms last month, there was a sign on the counter right in front of the girl that takes the payment that said somethig to the effect of leaving tips, complete with tiny envelopes to put tip money in. Just like at my regular hair salon!

The place I’m going to for LHR is a “medical day spa” so they also offer, in addition to their full medical staff, trained hair stylists, nail techs, and body scrub people… I assume the tips are for them? But am unsure if I should be tipping the nurse that does my LHR too!


Hi Marie,
I would not leave a tip.
I am sure you are paying quite a bit of money for your treatments.
Just my opinion! :smile:

Thanks cuznit! I really appreciate someone else’s opinion!

I don’t know if it is common practice to tip in a medical office setting. I do tip my practitioner when I get electrolysis outside of the medical office setting (in a spa).

This is a good question that has never been asked before. I was just about to ask that in the electrolysis section.