Am I silly?

Hi, this is a very theraputic board. Thanks for making it so helpful.

I haven’t dated in a long time because I’m so self-consious about my body, more so now with a little extra weight and unwanted hair. Anyway, when I was dating, I used to shy away from fooling around or having sex because I didn’t want him to feel any stubble if I wasn’t smoothly shaven. If I shaved in the morning I’d have stubble by night, and it’s bad because of how thick the hair is. I’m just wondering if anyone else does this because I’ve never heard or read so?

Also, is it normal for a women to have thick, black hair on the back of her thighs? How about the bikini line going down about 2 inches on the upper, inner thigh? Curious because none of my friends have these problems. I’ve always felt so different.

I’ve always felt different because of my hair everywhere. My bikini is gross, it gets together with the upper thigh’s hair. I have it in my face too and when I pluck it, I get ingrown hairs and discoloration wich makes the area more noticeable. I just want to tell you that you are not alone; when I talk about my hair problem, I always find somebody who has it too, and it usually seems that my body hair is far less noticeable to other people than what I think. Something that really helps and increase my self steem is highlighting other areas in my body; for example with a beautiful makeup, manicure, hairdo, or clothing. Other thing is not to let my hair grow too much (for example in winter time, If don’t wax often I get depressed of seeing my legs). Reading this site helps me too, I’ve got wonderful tips. Just keep it up!! :wink:

Hello: I know exactly how you feel kitties2. My friends are all practically hairless (and gorgeous and skinny, but thats besides the point). I have often joked about getting hairy ugly friends so that I wouldn’t feel so jealous LOL. :wink:
I have been living with excess hair problems on most of my body since I was like 12 yrs old!! The moment I was serious about starting to have laser treatments on my face, I felt better. And so far, so good with the treatments. You are the only one who can make these changes for yourself. Life is too short to worry about STUBBLE of all things! We all deserve to feel good about ourselves and find happiness. And I am glad that this board is here for us to support each other and also to get GREAT advice!
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Thankyou guys for replying.

So noone else feels self-conscious, or even denies sex because of embarrassment of stubble?

I haven’t denied sex because of stubble but I have cancelled many a date because of ingrown hairs (I pick at them to get them out and sometimes I get a lot of red spots from it and scabs too.) It really does suck, because I have to lie and make up some stupid excuse to postpone the date (until I heal.) I was considering breaking up with a guy because of this problem, but I decided that hey, fuck this, I deserve to feel pretty and sexual and I refuse to let this problem stop me. Hair controls so much of my confidence and happiness but I don’t want to let it win too much… you know?

Yeh, I have been very uncomfortable about stubble anywhere on my body. Fortunately, my fiance doesn’t care if I am stubbly but does prefer smooth skin. Who wouldn’t right? And yes, I have avoided sex due to the stubble problem. :roll_eyes:
Take Care

Blkdove - Thanks for your insight, and you made me laugh.

Bebbe - Thanks for being so candid.

I’m really trying to become more comfortable with my body. I just always feel like I’m ‘out of the norm’.