am I nuts?

hey maybe this time someone will answer my questions. Let’s say I can spend up to $6000 to do something with my damn hairy body. I read a lot that the laser treatment a lot of times isnt as effective as we would thought. So after doing my research I came up with two solusions:

  1. I ll buy used laser on ebay or whereever and will read everything there is about it before I will start ttreating myself so I could be safely treated. In this case which laser or IPL device would be the best option for me? (Spatouch, sinstation,Estelux) Just tell me is I would be able to buy a used one for uop to 6000?
    that was solusion nr 1 which I think would be ok because I would treat myself and then have a hair free time and whenever hair would show I would do the treatment again. Having IPL on my own I would be virtually hair free 90% of the time.
  2. This is little more time consuming. In this case I would buy good professional electrolysis machine with pedal swithc and all all three methods of hair removal. I will buy a book and will read it and then treat myself with electrolysis day by day.
    I know nobody probably will bother answer my questions.
    The thing is I would really like to go with the first method. Sseems easier faster and better to me

Well I will answer you.

I would imagine that buying a laser for $6,000 is not going to happen as they cost way more then that. Also even if you could find a cheaper used laser the biggest problem with them is the costs of maintenance, which is why you see laser practitioners purchasing contracts for repair work. The place that did my laser work has their Light Sheer machines break down once a month, granted they are used 12 hour days for 6 days a week, but these are machines less then 1 year old.

The electrolysis machine might be the better way to go if you can reach most of the areas you want to treat, if not then I would just go for professional electrolysis as $6,000 will get you a fair bit of treatment time.

None of these options are perfect but you got to start the hair removal somewhere and sometime.


thanks chris!
maybe you’r right