Am I being under treated?

My electrologist uses the blend method. She hands me a mirror so I can watch her work and I’ve noticed a lot of the hairs don’t have the black bulb when they are removed (some do but majority don’t). She spends 1-2 seconds in each follicle. When I asked her, she said those hairs are curved and will need further treatment. She’s not tweezing, the hairs come out easy but I’m worried the probe isn’t reaching the follicle to destroy and I will need a lot more treatments.

Can anyone tell me if I’m being under treated or if this is normal?

One of the really great things about blend, is heated lye is a liquid and gets everywhere in the follicle. Hair comes out without the bulb all the time, it doesnt mean the hair follicle has not been killed. If your electrologist is achieved extractions without any traction then this is the BEST sign of a successful treatment. Rest easy, she appears to be doing it exactly right.

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thank you for replying.
When it comes out without the bulb, does it mean that it was telogen hair or does it mean I have curved follicles and the hair was broken from the bulb?

We want to see bulbs, whether small like a grain of salt or big, juicy, plump bulbs from a man’s beard. No bulbs? It could mean that the hair is breaking off underneath. If that is the case, then you will see almost instant regrowth or an increase in the amount of ingrown hairs.

A full hair should slide out with no traction.

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Unfortunately, I’ve been ill , which is why you’ve Seen Dee answering things like a madwoman the last few days. Good Job Dee, and thank you.

I really like Thinou and Dee’s Answers. It important that you realize what you are seeing, and I dont believe you are unless you are also looking at the hairs through a magnifier.The clear /gelatinous that Nora shows in her photo is often destroyed by the electrolysis energy, leaving the bulb of the hair itself intact, and you may not notice this unless you are looking close up and note that the “bulb” part of the hair is intact ( and usually quite floppy) . Whether the gelatinous sheath is liquified by the electrolysis energy or comes out still attached to the hair, is not of as great concern as whether it is destroyed.

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