Am I being ripped off?

Hey everybody!

I live on Long Island and recently started seeing an electrolygist for the first time ever, who charges $120/hr…Does that seem a bit pricey to anyone else? I am a student and really cannot afford this, but am doing it because I really need to. You all understand! I have also spent $600 on laser treatments in the past year, which obviously haven’t worked! (By the way, this electrolygist tells me laser should never be used on the face, FYI!) Should I start looking for someone more affordable? Help!

In electrolysis it is difficult to say what affordable is. While clients think only about how much is charged per hour, they neglect to figure into the equation variables such as, how many hairs per hour are cleared, how comfortable the treatments are, how quickly the skin heals, the level of bareness that is possible with one practitioner over another, and how soon one can get to first clearance. All these things would work together to make some “cheaper by the hour” deals more expensive in the long haul. Of course, since most don’t have equipment that tell how many insertions per hour were performed, one is left with only how much hair they perceive to be missing at the close of a session.

Make sure that you visit more than one electrologist while you figure out who you want to hire for the prestiegeous job of being your personal electrologist. Keep in mind, the skin you save will be your own.

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