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hi there!

Since I heard a lot of voices saying that people do not appear again on this forum when things go smooth, here I am - writing to report how things are since I changed my electrologist and to encourage to trying out different practicioners.

Judging over the span of 4 or 5 visits to my last electrologist (7 or 8 treatments by different people) I can see that I have made a wise decision in trying her out instead of carrying on going to the former one.

I changed since I wasn’t fully satisfied with the service (the payments, her “you don’t need to know excactly” answers, the blemishes (?))

And the fact is that everything has changed for good.
The one I am currently visiting (not very often, +/- monthly) is far more informative as for the treatment, the treatments are less painfull, the discoloration fades away sooner and the skin heals faster(still I have some places which are red, never losing the color completely before next treatment and they are the “legacy” of the former practicioner), she is more considerate (cares for the clients’ need for privacy during cosmetic treatments), uses my personal needle,
and all that for one third! of the price I was told by the former one.

why ask - I had a problem with the fact that I felt slight pulling sensation when my current electrologist treated me. what turned out after I asked was that she did not use tweezers to take the hair out; to be sure it’s going out easily she did it with her fingers, accidentally slightly pulling the hairs around (yeah- I could not know it cause she treats my back). I told her about that sensation, and the other time she asked me a few times if I felt pulling or not (and adding if she pulled only one hair this time or accidentally more).

one more gain - my skin should be healthier, since with the former practitioner I heard constantly the hissing sound - & as I was informed here, the sound was the one of burnt skin (that is probably why I have still the marks of her work on me)

today my back is looking really fine, the effects are there and I’ll see if they stay.

so my advice is: if you are not satisfied with your electrologist go and try other ones, never stick to one just because she/he promises you effects in a long run.

after all you can always return - they will be happy with your come back (but reconsider that - you had reasons to split)

and always be inquisitive :slight_smile:

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Glad to have you post back and let everyone know your progress. That is what this board is all about, power to the people, and people helping people.

I sure hope that by “she uses my own needle” that you mean that she is using a disposable probe that is used only once and thrown away. If not, please politely inquire about how you can buy a package of probes for yourself, and use them for your use only.

Some people use a probe, and put it in a file, cup or something and use last appointment’s probe on you again. To say the least, that is not very professional.

Now sing it with me chorus:
Get as many consultations and sample treatments from as many practitioners as you can get appointments with, so that you can make an informed choice on who will get the important contract for being YOUR personal electrologist. The skin you save will be your own.

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I had an experience very similar to Kaspar. My electrologist was charging super high rates for a not so wonderful experience. If I asked her questions instead of saying she didn’t know or wasn’t sure she’d basically just dodge it or even respond kind of rudely. When I asked her specifics like the speed and such she replied, No one has ever asked me that before in a rather harsh tone. Also, she told me to go to a specific endocronologist and since I was new to electrolysis and hair removal in general I listened to her advice. Her endocronologist kept telling me to use all these pills & creams and stuff. Luckily I have a close friend who is an endocronolgist, I went to her and she said that my hair is nothing and the pills are not meant for a person who does not have over-excessive hair.
Since then I switched to a different electrologist-a clinic, they r very professional and she was stunned to see that I was even referred to an electrologist-she told me that my hairs r super fine & not dense at all. They charge very minimal and the pain is a fraction of what it used to be. They r very open to any questions I ask and in tune to what i say.
So if you are feeling uncomfortable at all with your electrologist-make sure to look around. They should be upfront with you for any questions you ask them!

Thanks for weighing in Mona. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that the most expensive electrologist in town, with the marble floor in an office that looks like a bank can’t hold a probe to some person working out of a basement, who is not even listed in the phone book. As Andrea has said, the only good way to tell is to find someone who is done and happy, or to go get those sample treatments and consultations to find out for yourself. Just keep in mind, that the equipment and the skill of the operator is what you are really paying for.