Altus ND YAG Technology



I had already 2 sessions of Laser Hair Reduction using Altus High Power ND Yag technology. I understood that this is the LEAST effective one. Is it realLy not effective? I actually noticed big difference. Do you think ALL the hair is about to grow back in few months?
How much a treatment like this cost for the lower legs.
I’ll appreciate your answer.


I don’t know of anyone on this forum that has had experience with the YAG. My technician told me that it is not as efficient and requires more treatments. It is the laser of choice for people with darker skin.

Did you have much redness after treatment. Was it painfu?




Thanks for you reply. Actually it wasn’t that painful and the redness went a way the following day. I was researching yesterday to find out how effective this technology Cause spending this $$$ for only a year with less hair and then everything will grow back,… i don’t thing it’s worthed. I’m kind of debating if to take more than 3 sessions


Hi Tovaaa–

The original Nd:YAGs were proven temporary. The long-pulse Nd:YAGs seem to be better and have been promoted as better for darker skin, but there’s not much long-term data. As it stands, it appears to be the least effective, but as with all lasers, practitoner skill is more important than laser type.