Alternative methods


Im a male with sensitive skin. And i decided to shave my pubic region a while ago. I expierenced red bumps mainly above and beside my penis. So I researched on the web and found lots of suggestions on how to avoid these. I bought a 4 blade razor, special shaving gel for sensitive skin. Getting the area wet and warm before shaving. Etc. Nothing seems to help. Recently i let the hair grow for over a month before shaving again, thinking that letting the area clear up completely would help. But nope, a day after i shaved the bumps returned. They’re not overly big or puffy, but they do itch a little. And they seem to mostly go away within a week.

Anyway, i was wondering if i should try some other hair removal methods? I was thinking about waxing up that area and shaving the rest. But I dont really want to get it professionally done. That would be a little too emabrassing for me. Also can i use those creams that dissolve the hair? Or is that area too sensitive for that.


Have you researched electrolysis over attempting all these temporary methods? You can do a search here on hairtell and get an idea about what other consumers have to say about having electrolysis to end the hair chase once and for all. I believe a poster named “barrester” from way back when? may be helpful.



I’m not sure i want to go permanent yet. But thanks, I’ll look into it.


Waxing baby boy! This is the way to go if you can afford it. Next, just make sure that you are shaving correctly and apply Tend Skin after you shave. This will probably burn like hell, but you will get used to it and it will clear up the bumps.

Make sure you check out the guide on proper shaving its called Facial mapping. It is for guys with razor bumps on their faces, but the info in the guide should be good for you also. Juse do an Ebay search for facial mapping.

Good Luck.


strkyr100, I see that you’re finding this site helpful. Have you considered permanent hair removal methods? Waxing is still only temporary and costs quite a bit. There are options that can get rid of the hair forever.