I just had a consultation with American Laser Skincare, and I have an upcoming consultation thrusday with the Baltimore Cosmetic Laser Center. They’re both the same style of place as far as I can tell.

ALS was going to use Lightsheer (diode); BCLC has a GentleLase (alexandrite) and a GentleYag (Yag). ALS wants 3925 (bunch of discounts applied) for full beard, chest/abdomen for two years (~12 times would be my guess). BCLC has their prices listed on their website and wants 2926 for the same area and 6 treatments. BCLC is significantly cheaper, but I’d get more treatments from ALS. However, more treatments would be irrelevant if it ultimately didn’t do anything.

I was kind of gungho about ALS till I read lots of horror stories around the web of people not getting results even after two years straight of doing it. I’ve already had two treatments for my face from a Yag laser from the place I went to before I moved so I’m feeling at the least it’ll be similar to that at BCLC although I hear alexandrite would be better?

I’m male and Italian/German so I’m not extremely pale, but not particularly tanned either. My hair is dark and unnaturally coarse.

I’d go for BCLC. 6 treatments are more than enough for coarse hair on trunk. In fact, you might not need more than 3 if you space out the treatments properly.

It is very difficult to treat a male face. You might need as many as 10 treatments. Plus, unless you’re on hormones, you’ll have to keep going for ‘maintenance treatments’- once in six months or so- even after you’re done with the initial course of 6-10 treatments.

Alexandrite is usually considered to be the best. Treat your trunk with GentleLase.

Some people believe Yag lasers work better on male facial hair since they go deeper.

Thanks for the reply, I was leaning toward BCLC already, but it’s nice to have someone resonate with the same idea.

I would go with the second clinic too because the gentlase and yag are best lasers to kill hair. But having good lasers is not enough. You will have to see how experienced the technician is in treating male facial hair. Based on information from this site, combination of yag/alex for facial hair, especially on chin area seems to work better than alex or yag alone. Ask if they offer free touch-ups because that is important for face. Also discuss the settings they plan to use on you throughout treatments so that you’re not under-treated. And for face, you should strongly consider investing in a numbing cream. Treatments are less painful that way and allows the tech to use appropriate settings without having to lower them because you can’t tolerate it.

I’ve had two treatments before on my face. The pain wasn’t too bad. Biggest problem was under my nose more because it’d make me flinch than because of the pain. Planning on calling the person that did it before to ask what settings she used for reference. I know the first was on a lower setting than the second, but not the exact numbers.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: