Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil recommendations


anyone there can refer me to a pure aloe vera
gel that works like the real plant? Also Tea Tree Oil.


you can buy 100% aloe vera. i keep mine in the refrigerator because it feels good putting it on cold, although it is usually cold by itself.

Electrolysis supply businesses would be a good place to start for both products. Try or

Stick to 100% aloe vera gel. It’s clear. Forget the blue and green stuff or those products that have preservatives. Fruit of the Earth is one brand that comes to mind. Tea Tree oil can be purchased at most drug store chains. Prices range from $5.00 at wal-mart to 6.99 at CVS in my locale.


I found the Aruba Aloe - Skin Care Gel works really well if you can find it.

I got mine at the factory in Aruba, but they do distribute in the USA for sure.



For Tea Tree Oil I have found the Body Shops.
Tea Tree Oil- Mattifying Moisture Gel works very well.
You can get the pure stuff there too, but it is too strong
unless mixed.