Aloe vera and Tea tea oil

can anyone recommendation a good brand for Aloe vera, and tea tea oil, because there are lots of brands on the internet, cofused about which one is good!

Yes, there are a lot of brands. I would recommend that you purchase any brand that is 100% pure with no additives. It should look like a clear gel. Forget that stuff that is green or blue in color and you don’t need the lidocaine that is added for pain relief. Be sure to apply it clean (wash your hands and use a Q-tip swab,for example).


Melaleuca T40-C3 is the purest form of Tea Tree Oil.
If you would like to find out how to obtain it please contact me at

Aloe Vera is simply a plant (genus and species name) that has great healing qualities because it’s sap most closely matches the skin’s healing properties. This can be purchased in any health food store.:slight_smile:

The two should never be mixed because Melaleua is a natural solvent and would over time break down the healing properties of the Aloe Vera. They should be purchased and used separately.:slight_smile:

The proper use of these should be in this order immediately after electrolysis.

Apply the Aloe Vera and wait a while to apply the Melaleuca oil.

This is the best way to reduce redness and promote healing of your skin after electrolysis. You should see improvement the next day. Of course if you have a large amount of hair removed (5,000-10,000 hairs) at one time the healing will take longer, probably about 3-4 days.

Neither one of these are used for pain reduction. There are many procedures that will reduce the pain of electrolysis. You would need to contact James Walker for this information. His process is almost painless and I have had almost 10,000 hairs removed at one time.

There are other pain killers that will reduce the pain down to nothing. Lidocain is a topical pain reducer and can be purchased or obtained from your doctor or your dentist.

Rebecca Chesnutt